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A Wild Gift for Christmas from WWF

WWF Big Cat AdoptionIt’s easy with the spirit of Christmas to get carried away on buying lots and lots of toys for the kids.  I am as guilty as anyone in this and struggle to know where to draw the line. Come Christmas Day there will be neon wrapping paper everywhere, oodles of boxes than I can use for craft activities littering the floor and no doubt my father snoring in the chair.

No matter how hard we try kids don’t really take in everything they get at Christmas and before you know it toys gather dust, lie unloved under the bed (queue Toy Story ‘When Someone Loved Me‘ music) and you curse yourself at getting sucked into the latest ‘must have’ kids item.

So why not consider giving a gift this Christmas that is an alternative to toys and is a gift that your children can learn from, get educated about the world around them and make a vital difference at the same time.  What am I talking about?  I am talking about letting your children adopt an animal with the WWF.

This is something I’ve done for Roo this year as she loves nature and wild animals.  She already wants to be a wildlife vet, save animals, stop the poachers from hurting the snow leopards and basically cannot get enough of Eden HD on Sky lately.  So when I was approached by the team at WWF to help raise awareness of their Mara Lion Project for Christmas I was really keen to let my readers know about how they could get involved in something a little different with their kids.


The Mara Lion Project is the next campaign that WWF are doing as part of their Big Cat adoption and every adoption pack goes to protect endangered and vulnerable species around the world. One simple thing that you can do is take out an adoption as this helps to fund WWF’s global conservation work in protecting species and their habitats.


Roo now has adopted a lion and a snow leopard and both of these sleep with her every night.  She took her adoption booklets to school to show her teachers and made a lion and snow leopard poster with pictures on that we printed off and coloured in together about what they like to eat, where they live and how they are in danger.

She’s fascinated by them and feels like she’s done just a little something to help protect the fragile world we live.  If you want to get involved and adopt a lion with WWF and have yourself a #roaring Christmas I’ve put the details below.

African lion numbers have declined by a staggering 30 per cent in the past two decades. Currently classed as vulnerable, WWF is working with the Mara Lion Project to help conserve these amazing animals. By adopting a lion from wwflion.com you can help protect them.

To get your paws on this season’s ‘must have’ Christmas gift with a difference just head over to wwflion.com and you can also check out wwf.org.uk/adopt for our other big cat adoptions including snow leopard, tiger and Amur leopard. Visit wwf.org.uk/adopt

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  1. We loved this idea too and have just adopted a Gorilla for our 3 year old through WWF. She was so chuffed with the cuddly version she got in the post, along with stickers etc and keeps telling everyone how her Gorilla Ho-Ho lives in Africa!

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