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Thank Heaven It’s Wine O Clock

The clock rolls round to 6pm and it’s a pretty natural occurrence in our house to find me with a glass of vino whilst cooking the tea or prepping things for tomorrow.  This is my daily treat to me and I see absolutely nothing wrong with a glass of wine at the end of the day.  Hurrah, it’s finally wine o clock!

As a stay at home mum juggling the household and working on social media accounts come the end of the day that glass of wine cheers me up and relaxes me; gently easing away the stresses and hair tearing moments that I usually experience.

I like my ‘wine o clock’ time – the way wine softens the hard edges of the day, smoothes out the line between “kids time” and “my time.”  There’s nothing different in me having a drink after my hard day than the city working heading to the pub with his friends or the working mum’s going for a drink with the girls.

It also seems I am not alone.  With the latest government statistics showing that behind the closed doors of Britain’s middle-class homes, drinking has reached an all-time high. With middle-class women being twice as likely to be heavy and regular drinkers as any other class or sector of society.

Almost one in five women drinks to excess — and the number drinking more than the recommended number of units has grown by a fifth over the past decade, according to new figures from the Office for National Statistics.

drinking at home with the kidsI rarely drink more than two glasses in the week – I am well aware that in the house is a little girl who could need me at the drop of a hat.  Most nights it is one glass and the top goes back on the bottle.

Daddy E doesn’t drink anymore and so I tend not to drink loads around him, but for me I’ve lost pretty much every other social aspect of ‘me’ and that glass of Chardonnay or Merlot when the lights are out and One Born Every Minute is on is my time and I am dammed if I am giving it up.

Wine o clock is my own little social hour – for some it’s chocolate – for me it’s a cool glass of Chardonnay.

If you love a good glass of wine and want to taste something new then I seriously recommend you pop over the Knackered Mother’s Wine Club and check out this fabulously funny and brilliantly witty blog that is all about fantastic tasting wine for that ultimate wine relef.


5 thoughts on “Thank Heaven It’s Wine O Clock

  1. I love this post! I felt sooo guilty for a good long while about my daily drink. Did it make me a bad mother? Did it mean I was one step away from becoming an alcoholic? Funny since I’ve never been a big boozer but that one (okay sometimes two) glass is what gets me through the really challenging parenting days.

    ‘Working’ people think nothing of a trip to the pub, a G&T or half a bottle with dinner so I don’t see what’s so wrong with a glass. Although I’m with you on the not having more. I’ve had one hangover since my baby was born. And let’s just say that the sight of that pooey nappy nearly sent me over the edge!

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