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Win a Tefal Infiny Press

It’s summer, there is an abundance of fruit in the supermarkets, gorgeous strawberries, nectarines, peaches and the smell these give off as they ripen in your fruit bowl is scrumptious.  I love nectarines and the summer fruits but sometimes I am really bad at remembering to get my five portions of fruit or veg a day into my diet.  Thankfully this is where my juicer comes into its own during the summer months.

Tefal Infiny Press

I invested in a really good quality juicer about two years ago now.  I did a lot of research on the best type, the easiest to clean, the best blade so that I didn’t have to laboriously cut and peel things.  I have to say that it is one of the smartest kitchen gadgets I have ever bought.  Why?  Well because in less than 2 minutes I can whizz up scrumptious, fresh, vitamin packed, immune boosting juices at the flick of a switch – and even better through trial and error I’ve found juices that even Addy will drink with hidden ingredients in like beetroot, celery, ginger and spinach.

There’s hundreds of juicing apps out there to get some are free and some cost a couple of quid; invest in one and you’ll have a repertoire of delicious juices up your sleeve to fight ailments, relieve tiredness, boost your immune system and even detox your system for that all important ‘little black dress’ event.

juice recipes

Well now there’s a new juicer on the blog and it’s rather snazzy.  The new Tefal Infiny Press (see it even sounds posh and sexy) is all about giving maximum flavour with minimum fuss.  Compared to a standard juicer the Infiny Press gives you 30% more juice, 35% more of vitamin C for fighting those common colds and 75%4 more antioxidants.  And with more households than ever getting in on the trend of fresh juices this is one of the healthiest way to get high quality fruit and vegetables into your diet because you have total control over what you put in.

So what makes the Infiny Press so special?  The slowly rotating screw mechanism presses fruits, vegetables and even herbs very delicately to get the very best out of them. This gentle pressing process preserves as much flavour and vitamin goodness as possible by making full use of all the resources the fruit or vegetable has to offer. This helps produce thirst-quenching, fresh juice that is full of nutrients and tastes delicious and thanks to two different types of stainless steel filters you can choose the texture of your juice so perfect for the kids who don’t like lumpy bits!

Take a peek at the Infiny Press in action

Not only does it make fabulous juices, the Infiny Press is also really quiet compared to other juicers.  My juicer is 74 decibels and whilst not noisy you can hear it with the door shut. The Infiny Press runs at a shade over 70 so will be decidely less noisy. Even better still cleaning after you’ve made your juice is easy-peasy lemon squeezy…. whilst pressing the fruit, the juicer dries out and ejects any waste, meaning limited washing up.  What’s more, all the removable parts (the filters, the screw etc) are dishwasher-safe, so no need to worry, just relax and enjoy your tall glass of fruity goodness!

celery juice recipes

I’ve posted two of my favourite early morning power burst juice recipes in this review to get you started but I would definitely say be creative, have fun, mix it up and experiment.  Also get the kids involved as they’ll love concocting potions and fruit cocktails pleasant and putrid for mum to drink! If you need more inspiration for juice recipes then just click the link.

So now you’re feeling all inspired to go on a health kick, do a crazy detox and go wild in the kitchen with the kids cramming fresh fruit into their diet. Well thanks to Tefal you can have a go at winning a brand spanking new Infiny Press in my latest giveaway. Entry is really simple, a bit like using the Infiny Press and all you need to do is follow the widget instructions below.

Good luck and happy juicing!

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  1. Entered – looks fab! I love smoothies but have never done the whole juice thing. Plus it doesnt help that I have been banned from buying any more gadgets! Fingers crossed!

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