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Win a PuroKids mattress from the Little Mattress Company

Nothing beats a good night sleep for us and for the kids and that moment you start the bedtime routine each night is one that can either be really successful or be met with a million requests for the toilet, that extra story, that all important fact they need to tell you or any other excuse that comes to mind!  Anything you can do to make bedtime peaceful and enjoyable has to be worth a try and making sure that your little ones have a lovely comfortable bed has to be one of the most vital things to take care.

I recently bought myself a gorgeous new 3000 spring mattress and noticed immediately the difference that having a really good quality mattress makes to having a good night sleep and I am beginning to get back into a decent sleep routine. There have also been some additions to Addy’s room to make her bedtime relaxing and help aid her sleep.  I invested in a selection of new age and meditation music from iTunes for £2.49 which I play on repeat on her iPod dock and to be honest for a week we’ve had no bedtime battles, and it has been refreshing.


Addy was also bought a fantastic star galaxies projection system for her bedroom which projects the night sky onto her ceiling and shows her the constellations and she has this on at night instead of her nightlight and it has meant bedtime is now a place she wants to go rather than objects to which is what had been happening.  These things together with her new bed and mattress are hopefully the things that can put us back on the bath to restful nights sleep and less battles at bedtime.


If you fancy making bedtime super comfy for your little one and less stressful for you then I have a great competition from the Little Mattress Company.  They are offering one lucky reader of my blog the chance to win this fabulous PuroKids memory foam mattress worth over £300 and which Little Mattress Company sell for a fantastic price of £159.99.  If you are doing up the kids bedrooms I highly suggest you check out their site as they have some great products including these soft play animals for a bit of bedroom fun.

The PuroKids Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress features a deep layer of memory foam offering supreme comfort and support for your sleeping child. This sits upon a highly resilient and hypoallergenic foam base. This 20cm deep mattress is then encased in an Outlast® cover which is made using NASA fabric technology for temperature regulation all night long. This cover also has a Purotex antibacterial treatment applied to it for a healthier sleep surface. The cover is zipped for easy removal and machine washing at 40 degrees.

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187 thoughts on “Win a PuroKids mattress from the Little Mattress Company

  1. Routine is very important and it should be stuck to as much as possible. Children are more settled when they know what time to go to bed and know objecting will get them nowhere.

  2. A bath with lavender oils followed by a long story in bed – you also need to know your child and sense when they are tired, too early and they won’t sleep and too late and they go into overdrive and won’t sleep.

  3. I read rhyming books before bed, Julia Donaldson’s books go down very well and my daughter nods off happily x

  4. Routine is so important, fun and play in the bath, a nice long cuddle and a story to relax before bed, and the right room temperature is impt to 🙂

  5. I find a story is the best way to get my children to sleep, my daughter likes me to gently brush her hair whilst she is laid down

  6. I always try to nip upstairs to close the curtains and put lamps on before they go up to get ready for bed. That way they’re in the ‘sleep time’ frame of mind from the start (otherwise they start running riot or getting toys out!)

  7. I think like most people have said routine is the key. Failing that getting Daddy to discuss the current economic situation usually does the trick 😉

  8. I have twin boys so we have a strict routine of bathroom, changed for bed. one story read by their dad, hot chocolate then tucked in, lights out sleep. I would say routine is the best way x

  9. A comfortable bed; a calming bedroom and a set routine, gradually slowing down any noisy or stimulating activities from late afternoon onwards.

  10. Keeping a good routine. At 6 & 4 they know they miss treats like a movie night at the weekend/hols if they mess around too much! xx

  11. Keep calm even if they play you up. A cuddle and a few kind words works so much better than impatience and irritability.

  12. Amelia and Evie were both going to bed at the same time, and although in different rooms they could hear each other and would keep each other awake until 10pm or so.
    I made Evie’s bedtime 30 minutes earlier than Amelia’s, which gives her enough time to drop into a deep enough sleep so that Amelia’s chattering doesn’t wake her.
    Because Evie is already asleep, Amelia also isn’t hearing her which means she goes to sleep better too 🙂

  13. Don’t make a big thing of it. Let them play until a certain time and then settle them down. Give them a cuddle and as they settle, talk or read and be peaceful. Mine take two minutes to go to sleep….I wish I was as good at that !

  14. I’m not sure….someone tell me!!

    Previously milk, bath, massage, cuddle, story, lights out…..but all of a sudden our toddler doesn’t want to be left at bedtime?

  15. Cliche, but a routine. Sway from it and we are in trouble! 🙂 For us, bathtime, milk, teeth, story, family hug, tuck into bed, sleep. Ish. If we are lucky!

  16. I never understand so many people’s insistence on a strict routing. I believe that there’s no need for a strict routine, send your children to bed when they are tired and not before, making sure you’ve made time for stories of course. Less emphasis on routine makes very adaptable children.

  17. warm bath, story and what ever you do, do not sit with them! I also find that things like night lights can sometimes be too bright so dimmer the better children need routine and in the end they will self soothe to sleep.

  18. i dont have a routine but what i would say is our house is a very quiet home yes with 4 kids its quiet.when its bedtime we usually have a story jamas before they go upto bed and chose a teddy for bed.then door open let some light in always a kiss and cuddle goodnight and sleeps till next day

  19. sticking to your routine once it’s established, show even the slightest bit of room for stretching bedtime and it will get stretched further and further …they’re clever you know!

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