Win Baylis & Harding Mother’s Day Goodies


You already know if you’ve read the blog that I got invited to Baylis & Harding’s office last year for a fantastic meet and greet with the owners, a tour of the premises and then a fabulous supermarket sweep style ‘raid’ of goodies from their pop-up shop.  I’ve been a fan of Baylis & Harding products for a long time – they smell gorgeous, look super posh and are amazing value for money for top quality toiletry products.

So I am delighted to be able to offer one lucky winner the chance to win some Baylis & Harding goodies from their gorgeous Mother’s Day gift selection to treat yourself to for the months ahead as we move into spring.

The new Mother’s Day collection is fabulous and has been designed to ease the stresses and strains of motherhood that we all go through on a daily basis.

Modern life makes motherhood one of the most difficult, demanding roles many women will ever assume. But modern life also means many of us will forget the role of Mother’s Day in reminding us to honour the women who gave us life.

Baylis & Harding toiletries

Which is where Baylis & Harding steps in, with an extensive range of affordable luxury that combines tradition with treats, perfume with pampering and luxury with love.

The amazing power of flowers and herbs are infused through gifts that bring the promise of pampering for when mothers have that elusive time to indulge in a little extra extravagance.

Choose from gorgeous gifts in the delicate and sophisticated Peony, White Tea & Jasmine range; the warmth and familiarity of classic Rose & Honeysuckle, Lilac & English Lavender or Lemon Blossom & White Rose in the Royale Bouquet Collection; or the more modern, invigorating Skin Spa Sugar Cane, Basil & Lime gift sets.

NEW Signature Collection Peony, White Tea & Jasmine gift sets recreate the nostalgia of summer gardens.  Pampering perfumed products including Body Cream, Shower Crèmes, scented candles and Soap Rose Petals are presented in beautifully accented peony embossed gift boxes.

The Royale Bouquet Collection presents 3 quintessential summer scents.  Rose and honeysuckle for a lingering feeling of warmth and sunshine; Lilac and English Lavender for vintage charm and Lemon Blossom & White Rose for a light yet zesty burst.

Skin Spa Sugar Cane, Basil & Lime brings all of the ‘feel good factor’ of luxury spas into the home.  A mood-lifting blend of tangy citrus and mind cleansing basil.

Now there really is no excuse not to spoil your mum and show her how special she really is.

Win Baylis & Harding Goodies

You can win the following prizes:-

  • 1 x Skin Spa Sugar Cane, Basil & Lime Spa Cream & Mug Set
  • 1 x Signature Collection – Peony, White Tea & Jasmine Perfect Pamper Kit

To enter just follow the simple Rafflecopter requirements below:-

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Good luck!

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Comments (148)

  1. Tracy Nixon

    The Peony, White Tea & Jasmine Perfect Pampering Kit is my favourite set!

  2. 40s Chic

    It would have to be the basil and lime skin spa mug set – I love citrus fragrances, they are so uplifting, especially when you’re still half asleep first thing in the morning!

  3. kim plant

    Great Hair Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner xxx

  4. Attachment Mummy

    Peony, White Tea and Jasmine sounds lovely!

  5. Maria M

    I think it would have to be the candle – Peony, White Tea & Jasmine Single Triple Wick Candle how lovely would that be!

  6. Hannah

    Sugar cane, basil and lime :)
    Hannah recently posted..Our first trip away as three!My Profile

  7. The Beesley Buzz

    rose and honeysuckle x
    The Beesley Buzz recently posted..Joshua’s Jokes – The March installmentMy Profile

  8. anna

    sugarcane basil and lime looks nice

  9. Mei

    Sugar Cane, Basil & Lime is sublime!

  10. Mel Briscoe

    I like the sweet mandarin and grapefruit one.

  11. Cathy Glynn

    Rose, ylang ylang and patchouli


    I luv the Peony, White Tea & Jasmine range it smells devine :)

  13. Kerry Brown

    sugarcane basil and lime :)
    Kerry Brown recently posted..BzzAgent VanishMy Profile

  14. Smilernpb

    Peony White Tea and Jasmine!

  15. Karen

    basil and lime

  16. Sarah Lamb

    Sugarcane Basil and Lime

  17. Wendy Lam

    Loving the sound of Jojoba, Silk & Almond. It sounds like it will smell good enough to drink :p

  18. Andy D

    Rose, ylang ylang and patchouli

  19. Kimberley Stone

    Peony, White Tea & Jasmine

  20. ashleigh

    Sugar Cane, Basil & Lime

  21. S Edwards

    Peony, White Tea & Jasmine would seem great :)

  22. Laura Harris

    We always have the sweet mandarin and grapefruit hand wash in our house! Very clean smelling!

  23. liz denial

    Peony, White Tea & Jasmine

  24. Sophie Buckle

    We have this in our bathroom and i absolutely love the fragrance it lasts hours!!

  25. Janet K

    Wild Rose & Raspberry Leaf

  26. Chris Williams

    White tea and jasmine sounds lovely, I used this whilst staying in a hotel and it was amazing one of my favourite shower fragrances of all time.

  27. Phil Darling

    Sugar Cane, Basil & Lime for me

  28. ashley horton

    Peony, White Tea & Jasmine Perfect Pamper Kit gorgeous!!!

  29. Charley Foulds

    Has to be Sugar Cane, Basil & Lime! Fab x

  30. laura banks

    we have these at work i love the petals i think they are something different

  31. Becky John

    Sugar Cane, Basil & Lime

  32. Sarah Smith

    Basil and Lime sound lush

  33. Diane

    Sweet Mandarin and Grapefruit

  34. Jen Schofield

    Sugar Cane, Basil & Lime looks lovely

  35. Lisa Williams

    Sugar Cane, Basil & Lime its just so different to anything else on the market.

  36. Joanne Mapp

    I have always loved the traditional Rose & Honeysuckle

  37. Sophie grayling

    Sugar cane, basil and lime!


  38. Alison Joyce

    French Lavender & Cassis

  39. Fiona Smith

    Sugar Cane, Basil & Lime Soap Rose Petals


    Sugar Cane, Basil & Lime

  41. jennie jackson

    Sugar Cane, Basil & Lime

  42. Janet Dring

    French Lavender & Cassis

  43. Anne-Marie Taylor

    Lemon blossom and white rose is lovely and fresh

  44. Fiona

    Peony, white tea & jasmine

  45. angela sandhu

    sugar cane, basil and lime

  46. gemma larsen

    Lemon Blossom and White Rose sounds nice

  47. Lj Baker

    Rose & Honeysuckle – gorgeous!

  48. jacqueline morris

    It would have to be the candle – Peony, White Tea & Jasmine Single Triple Wick Candle how lovely

  49. Julie Davies

    sweet mandarin and grapefruit

  50. J. Tingay

    Peony, White Tea & Jasmine

  51. anthony harrington

    my Wife loves the Basil & Lime

  52. Charlotte Ingham

    Peony, White Tea & Jasmine :)

  53. Gillian Holmes

    Sugar Cane, Basil & Lime

  54. Suzanne Cooke

    Wild Rose and Raspberry is my fav.

  55. FionaLynne Edwards

    Lemon Blossom and White Rose

  56. jennifer thorpe

    mandarin & grapefruit

  57. Stephanie Guzman

    My favourite is the Peony, White Tea & Jasmine

  58. Paula Burnside

    Peony, White Tea & Jasmine

  59. Jill Webb

    Lilac and English Lavender

  60. Jo Wakefield

    Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit

  61. claire curtis

    sweet mandarin and grapefruit

  62. Leanne Lunn

    Mandarin and Grapefruit I love fruity smells

  63. Kieran

    Sugar Cane, Basil & Lime

  64. Solange

    Peony, White Tea and Jasmine

  65. hazel rigazio


  66. abigail edkins

    sugar cane, basil and lime

  67. Lucy Deadman-Beal

    Peony, White Tea & Jasmine is by far my fave

  68. tracy horrex

    Peony, White Tea and Jasmine

  69. Kelly Saville

    Basil & Lime

  70. Hayley BOlt

    Sweet mandarin and grapefruit is my fave

  71. hannah oneill

    Sugar Cane, Basil & Lime

  72. Victoria

    Peony, White Tea & Jasmine

  73. Catherine Reynolds

    Peony, White Tea & Jasmine!

  74. Sarah Birkett

    Always go for anything with lavender in, its so calming

  75. lisa anderson

    Sugarcane basil and lime,I love it!

  76. Leanne Timmins

    French Lavender & Cassis

  77. Tracey Belcher

    White Tea and Jasmine
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  78. Anschel G

    Sugar Cane, Basil & Lime

  79. Teresa Lee

    Peony, White Tea & Jasmine

  80. Caroline H

    Sugar Cane, Basil & Lime Body Radiance shower gel is just lovely!

  81. Cheryll H

    The Sugar Cane, Basil & Lime sounds amazing :)

  82. Jo Pitt

    sweet mandarin and grapefruit

  83. katrina walsh

    Sugar cane, basil and lime

  84. Lese Adkins

    It would have to be Peony, White Tea & Jasmine. Jasmine is one of my favourite scents and I have it growing near my front door so I can smell it when I got in and out of the house

  85. Lindy hamilton

    White Tea and Jasmine

  86. Amy Ripley

    Sugar Can, Basil and Lime!!! Its so fresh!!

  87. Fran Light

    Sugar Cane, Basil & Lime is my favourite fragrance :-)

  88. Isabelle Smith

    Sugar Cane, Basil & Lime Soap Rose Petals

  89. Frances hopkins

    sweet mandarin and grapefruit sounds amazing

  90. Christina Curtis

    Sugar Cane, Basil & Lime.

  91. Penny Russell

    Peony white tea and jasmine

  92. Blake Ahearne

    Peony, White Tea and Jasmine

  93. Lauren Singleton

    Peony White Tea and Jasmine

  94. Nataliejane

    Sweet mandarin and grapefruit

  95. shell

    Peony, White Tea and Jasmine

  96. Sarah Mills

    Black Pepper & Ginseng

  97. Faye Lester

    Sugar Cane, Basil & Lime :-)

  98. Alison

    Peony, White Tea and Jasmine – I love Jasmine
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  99. stephen holman

    Sugar Cane, Basil & Lime

  100. Deborah Wheeler

    Sweet mandarin and grapefruit

  101. shane weir

    Peony, White Tea and Jasmine sounds lovely!

  102. carolD

    Peony, White Tea and Jasmine is my favourite too ..

  103. Leanne NEwsome

    sweet mandarin and grapefruit

  104. Beky Austerberry

    I like the sound of the cupcake – icecream ones and the jelly belly ones!

    But the more grown up side of me thinks the sugar cane, basil and lime sounds refreshing.
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  105. Lisa Wilkinson

    My favourite is Peony, White Tea & Jasmine.

  106. Angie Hoggett

    Sugar cane, basil and lime

  107. Ali Roberts

    Sugar cane, basil and lime for sure. Zingy!

  108. Jenny Rogers

    Peony, White Tea and Jasmine

  109. Kelly Hooper

    Sugar Cane, Basil & Lime

  110. Joanna Smith

    The Great Hair Shampoo with Moroccan Oil Extract sounds luxurious!

  111. Micky Ricketts

    sweet mandarin and grapefruit, is lush!

  112. rachael jones mann

    sweet mandarin and grapefruit

  113. Julie Stringer

    Its got to be Peony, White Tea and Jasmine

  114. Leigh Larkin
  115. Helen

    My favourite is Peony, White Tea and Jasmine range; it looks good and smells adorable

  116. Lesley Bain

    Sugar cane, basil and lime :)

  117. Wendy Tolhurst

    My favourite is Mandarin and Grapefruit – smells so fresh and clean :D

  118. Jay Hill

    Sugar Cane, Basil & Lime

  119. Deborah Bird

    Rose, Ylang Ylang & Patchouli

  120. Rachel M

    Basil and lime, yummy

  121. ClairejB

    I love the scent French Lavender but then again most Baylis & Harding products smell gorgeous! :)

  122. Sheila Bound

    I like the Amber, Frankincense and Myrrh range

  123. sandra henderson

    Black Pepper & Ginseng

  124. Karen R

    I love Peony, White Tea & Jasmine

  125. David and Claire P

    Lilac and Lavender

  126. Mickie Bull

    Peony, White Tea & Jasmine Perfect Pampering Kit

  127. Lindsey Jones

    Sugar Cane, Basil & Lime

  128. Claire Appleton

    Sweet Mandarin and Greapefruit

  129. Claire Appleton

    Sweet Mandarin and Grapefruit

  130. katie skeoch

    Sugar cane, basil and lime – indulgence!

  131. Sarah Parker

    Peony, White Tea and Jasmine

  132. Rachel Blackburn

    Peony, White Tea and Jasmine :)

  133. kristy brown

    Sugar Cane, Basil & Lime !

  134. Annamarie Riddiford

    Rose, Ylang Ylang & Patchouli

  135. Michelle Kitchen

    Sugar Cane, Basil and Lime

  136. Joanna Sawka

    Sugar Cane, Basil & Lime

  137. Aimee Wright

    Peony, White Tea & Jasmine.

  138. Danielle Graves

    mandarin and grapefruit – nice and refreshing!

  139. Melissa B

    I like the B&H Grapefruit products. I got a lovely set of miniature lotions and shower gels for Christmas and was initially unsure about the grapefruit, but it’s got a lovely zingy scent to it which I love!

  140. tamalyn roberts

    Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit

  141. Antonia Rookley

    I love Basil & Lime

  142. Joanne Blunt

    Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit

  143. Gary Martindale

    Sugar Cane, Basil & Lime

  144. Sharon V.

    Mandarin and Grapefruit

  145. Zachary Hudson

    Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit

  146. kelli flanagan

    I love the Black Pepper and Ginseng it reminds me of my Dad

  147. angela jones

    my favourite fragrance has to be mandain and grapefruit

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