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Wii Games for Under Fives

Roo is pretty good at picking things up quickly, she’s got iPhone swiping down to a fine art and we used to have an iPad before it got possessively taken over by her once she hit two.  She regularly spends 20 or 30 minutes reading on the iPad or playing the latest puzzle apps for pre-schoolers and as long as I limit her time on it to no more than 20 minutes once a day I don’t have an issue with it.

She’s recently shown an interest in joining in our Wii games too and has had a little go at Just Dance, boxing and bowling on the Wii with limited success.  Boxing she enjoyed and it really tired her out but I am not sure it’s the best game for her as she got a bit jumpy when the man started hitting her onscreen WiiMee back.

So my question is what Wii games for under fives are worth a little look at for her?  We want something that is fun, educational would be a bonus but I appreciate that these are games and are more about improving hand / eye co-ordination than getting her IQ rocketing up the scale.

I’ve thought about the Kirby series as who wouldn’t adore the little pink guy but then thought the controls might be beyond her at three and a half.  Mario Kart could be another good one but I am sure you need to use the steering wheel.

So if you’ve got little ones under 5 who love a bit of computer time on the Wii and can recommend a fun family game that we can all join in and have fun I would love to hear your suggestions.

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