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Why Wooden Toys Are Great For Your Child’s Development

It is a fascinating fact that wooden toys have been played with by children for thousands of years. Although the word ‘toy’ itself comes from old English meaning ‘tool’, excavations in Italy and Greece have shown that children had wooden toys of a huge variety, including spinning tops, pull toys and dolls; much like the children of today. In fact, children played with kites in China around 3000 years ago. It could therefore be said that wooden toys are indeed one of the most traditional toys in the world.

But how do they help your child’s development?

For both the development and education of your child, wooden toys are simply perfect! At a time when most parents presume that electronic toys and television programmes will teach their child all there is to know about the world; there is simply no comparison to the stimulation that wooden toys offer. Interestingly, before the age of pre-school, girls and boys show very little preference when it comes to toys that are designed for a specific gender; exactly why wooden toys often come in lots of non-biased shapes and colours! This means that during the pre-school, wooden toys are excellent!

From these very basic, yet highly colourful shapes and structures children can learn about a variety of different things, all from one piece of wood! Melissa and Doug Toys from the Wooden Toy Shop go further than this however, for within their selection of fabulous arts and craft sets are traditional, stuffed and even musical toys!

Learning from a musical toy not only teaches a child about different sounds, but unbeknownst to them, they are actually learning from a completely different sense to what they are used to. With most toys, children learning primarily from sight, touch and sometimes even taste, but when a musical toy is involved, playtime is lifted to a whole different level!  Using musical toys and traditional wooden toys not only teaches children about the basics of their environment, but on a different plain altogether they are gradually learning about role playing, which will teach them how to act and behave in everyday life.

But what specifically can your children learn from wooden toys?

  • Colours – Often wooden toys are brightly decorated with a varying range of beautiful colours that they will learn to associate at an astonishing rate. In fact learning takes place in the first five years of life more than any other period of life.
  • Numbers – Wooden toys are often great because they are often numbered so that the children can quickly get used to working with numbers and learning how to use them in context with their playtime.
  • Texture – Much unlike the electronic games that often fill Christmas stockings, the texture of wooden toys vary wonderfully and these can help your child distinguish between the great many textures in which wooden toys have to offer.

Did you know however, that role playing with toys can actually help improve the creativity of your child in later life?

Artistic and musical toys help your children indulge in their carnal passions where they will quickly learn which noises and shapes create the most satisfying results as well as helping them shape their true creative forms!

This is a guest post highlighting the benefits of playing with wooden toys.  This post has been posted in accordance with the conditions on my PR Opportunities page.

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