Why I Love My Village

girly timeI grew up in the countryside as a child and have never been a city bird.  The thought of going off to university was something that didn’t appeal to me and the bright lights no matter how sparkly were never as comforting as being in a small town.  Now all grown up (apparently) we live in a little village where out shops are a butchers, a bakers, a chemist, a tiny co-op and a few hairdressers.

We have a good fish and chip shop which makes for a cracking Friday night supper when the batteries have gone and there’s an average slightly dilapidated park that manages to amuse Miss Roo when she is bouncing off the walls at home.  There isn’t a pub as such or anywhere to go for a girly night out but there are bigger towns close by for those rare nights when mummy does go out to play.


One place though that is my little hidden gem, and would definitely be in a book of hidden gems if they made one about where I live is a tiny little beauty studio called Vicky’s.  I first found Vicky’s over 5 years ago before I got pregnant with Miss Roo.  It was the only beauty salon in Great Wyrley and hidden away in a row of shops.  I didn’t know anyone who’d been there but the window was welcoming with pretty nail varnishes and the latest beauty trends at the time.  Before long I was part of the fixtures and fittings.  The girls made me welcome every time and we shared the stories and secrets that women tend to do so with their beauticians.

In time my mum began to come to.  The service was that good, that friendly and that reasonable that she’d drive the best part of 12 miles to have her beauty treatments and it became a ritual for us that once a month we’d go together for some girly time.  When I became pregnant I shared my joy with the girls at the salon and they were part of my pregnancy.  When I lost a baby 2 years later they were there for me to pick me up and make me smile even when I was hurting.  At the drop of a hat they’d find an appointment slot for me and we’d swap stories and jokes.

The beauty treatments were spot on; a luxury manicure and pedicure for under £30 was a godsend when things were tight on the finances, as let’s face it we all still love a treat to make us feel good.  And they lasted for ages – often up to a month for a pedicure and two weeks for a manicure which was unheard of for me with my heavy hands.

Still to this day it’s the salon I return to time and time again even though others have sprung up in the village.  The studio moves with the times and brings in new treatments and OPI nail varnishes to make sure that clients have something new to choose from, and the girls are still the same girls that were there the first day I went. Clients from 18 to 80 go to see Vicky and her entourage and you can always be assured of a good gossip and an excellent cup of tea or coffee as well as a first class treatment.

It just so happens that it is my mum’s birthday this week and can you guess where I am taking her for a bit of R&R ????


Disclaimer:  This is a guest post that has been posted in accordance to my PR Guidelines and for which I received a voucher from Gala Bingo to enjoy a treatment at Vicky’s Beauty Studio. The views expressed in it and the story are  my own and the article cannot be reproduced without prior permission.  Interested in getting a review, competition or guest post for your product? Contact me Charlotte Everiss for details


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