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What to charge for a sponsored blog post

I think this is a question a lot of bloggers often ask themselves, after all if someone asks you to spend your time writing something for them then you ultimately you should be paid for your time.  It’s lovely that other companies ask you to write for them, I write for several including Kiddicare and The Happy Little Clothing Company.  No one works for free – at least not that I know of.  So, what to you charge for a sponsored blog post and how do you work it out?

The first question you need to ask yourself is how much is your time worth, how long will it take you to write the blog post and what would you consider fair remuneration for it.  As a starting point consider the time it takes to research a blog topic, write it from your perspective, the time out you would take from being with the  family and also look at your social klout scores to see what sort of demographic reach your blog post has.

However, there is a really simple formula that you can use and I suspect some mummy bloggers are already using it.  To do this lets take a look at your Google Analytics stats.

How To Charge For a Sponsored Blog Post

Let’s take an average blog

  • Total number of monthly page views – 10,000
  • Add your page views to your number of twitter followers – 10,000 + 1235 = 11,235
  • Divide that by your Google Page Rank (if you don’t know it click here) – 11,235 / 2 = 5617.50
  • Multiply that figure by .01 – 56.17

Cost of a sponsored blog post – £56

This is a guide for you and obviously you can set your own limits.  Some bloggers would feel that there is a minimum they will charge regardless of stats, but I do think it is worth working out what you are worth in terms of time – money and reach for who you are writing for.  For me my costs depend on factors such as my relationship with the brand who want me to write for them,  how much social klout they have, and it is always worth bearing in mind that you should only work with those companies that are aligned to the beliefs and ethos of your blog.  I for example could never write for a company that promotes ready meals for kids as I consider them a lazy parenting option.

Maximise your blogging and PR potential with a media kit and also to back up your stats get Google Analytics onto your blog. Plenty of mummy bloggers make a good living from writing excellent sponsored posts for other networks, if you enjoy it and want to make it a success then hopefully the above is useful to you in working out what to charge for a sponsored blog post.

6 thoughts on “What to charge for a sponsored blog post

  1. Great post. Quick question – why would you divide by your page rank, instead of multiply? Surely, a larger page rank number indicates a stronger blog and you should be paid more that that strength, not less? Unless I’ve completely misunderstood how page rank works.
    I think the advice on what you feel your blog is worth is great. Using the formula, I get my post fee to be around £10. I get at least four times that per post. And I am also very choosy about what I write about – it does have to be something I would support or I like. I find it hard to write anything constructive about something I don’t understand or feel comfortable promoting.

    1. I ummed and ahhed about whether to include the page rank part of the calculation as page rank doesn’t hold the same status it did previously. If you remove it then £56 is a pretty acceptable figure from a sponsored blog post.

  2. This is really interesting. I’m often aware that mum/parent bloggers can undervalue themselves and this is a great way to ensure that you are, at least on the right track when assessing your worth. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Excellent post. I never know what to charge for sponsored posts. When a pr asks you to include something on your blog do you class this as a sponsored post and quote them for it? eg. sharing statistics about their product.

    1. Hi Susan – to be honest if a PR company emails me asking to promote something on the blog I will do a check of 1) is the product something I would want to make my readers aware of 2) how reputable / genuine is the product 3) will the PR piece add any benefit to my blog. If it is purely a sales pitch and boring then I probably wouldn’t feature it and I would try to look for something that I can use to at least put my feedback into. I wouldn’t class this as a sponsored post as such I class a sponsored post as if someone asks me to write for them. My PR prices are on my PR page though if you want go and peek x

      1. Thanks this helps a lot. I never know what to say to PR people who want me to host stuff on their site that I don’t have the time to do for no gain and not that interesting. x

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