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A weekend cider with a twist


How gorgeous has the weather been this weekend?  I for one have loved feeling the sun on my back and that ‘feel good vibe’ you get from being outside in beautiful weather.

Saturday I hit the gym, grabbed my laptop and then sat outside my local Costa Coffee sipping coffee and writing my post about my random act of kindness from Friday night.  To be working outside was absolute bliss and even at 6pm as I sat having a coffee the air was still warm and the breeze lapped around my bare legs with affection that was comforting and pleasurable.


If the weather stayed like this for the next six months I for one would be very happy.

Sunday heralded an early gym session to try out some new upper body strength exercises I had worked on with my trainer yesterday, two hours later hot and sweaty I hit the shower and emerged refreshed and revitalised and ready to do battle at Tesco to get the last few bits of food for our family BBQ. As I walked through the doors I was greeted with an intriguing point of sale display for a new cider brand that I hadn’t seen before, Old Mout Cider. What caught my eye was the quirky, slightly jaunty typography on the logo and the cute little kiwi bird.

Yep, this cider is from New Zealand and is the ingenious union of refreshing apple cider with succulent boysenberry wine and was dreamed up in New Zealand 65 years ago.  If that’s the case why has it taken this long to reach my supermarket???


The range of Old Mout ciders currently consists of three fruit based ciders; kiwi & lime, passion fruit & apple and summer berries.  I opted for the kiwi & lime – clearly going for the whole ‘New Zealand’ vibe I was intrigued to see if the refreshing zest of the lime could punch through the fizzy bubbles to create a light pleasant drink or would it be sickly sweet like so many fruit ciders on the market.


Tonight as I sat down on the sofa after the family BBQ, bike rides, dressing up games with Roo, bath time, story time, bed time and making lunches for tomorrow I literally grabbed the cold glistening bottle from the fridge, akin to how a baby would grab a bottle of milk.  It had been a long day and this was my reward for my hour of feet up time whilst I watch Dylan Thomas on BBC2.  As I prised the bottle cap off I was greeted with a gorgeous aroma of fresh kiwi and zesty aromatic lime.  Not overly fizzy when poured the first sip was like a popping explosion on my taste buds akin to drinking a crisp lime mojito, refreshing and perfectly balanced it went down far too quick….damm it for only buying one bottle #shoppingfauxpas

Served ice cold this is a delicious cider with a twist of flavour to excite and delight you as you sit in a lazy pub garden letting the afternoon rays bask on your skin or to enjoy at the end of a hot day with friends over a light salad.

Would I want to find this little gem in my picnic basket on a hot day? I certainly would and it would also be a delight to serve to friends in huge frosted glasses for us to while away a few hours putting the worlds to right.

Lazy days with refreshing cider….yes please.


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