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We are having a girly day

Those were the words that greeted Daddy E’s ears as he returned home last night with Miss Roo.  He looked somewhat quizically at me and raised an eyebrow.  The last time I had promised Roo a girly day she ended up with painted finger nails and this resulted in disapproving looks from Daddy E and various family members in my direction.

After Roo had gone to bed last night, Daddy E said so what will the girly day be.  Nonchalantly I shrugged and say, ‘Oh you know, hair styles, dressing up, making a cake, hot chocolate and marshmallows and time under the duvet with a movie.’

He seemed placated.  I sensed victory – my inner goddess however was trying to warn me as she appeared to be waving her arms in the air with a sign that said “don’t count your chickens love”.

So this morning, after a rough night sleep which could have been likened to trying to sleep in the category 1 hurricane currently battling Louisiana, Miss Roo and I have awoken to carry out our master plan.

Today’s girly day does indeed contain all of the above elements with some little extra bits thrown in for good measure.  Our mummy & mini me pamper day includes:-

  • new toe polish for mummy
  • new toe polish for Roo to match mummy
  • Roo wants to try mummy’s natural face mask so we will have a giggle at that
  • Roo also wants to try mummy’s hair rollers
  • Oh and lastly…Roo wants to wear some of mummy’s make up

Now before everyone jumps at me and shrieks in a harpy style chorus “make up on a 4 year old” I will say it’s not like we’re going out in public in it and all it will be is a bit of natural lip butter and a dab of blusher.  I certainly am not resorting to a Tantrums & Tiaras style drag queen make over on Roo and wouldn’t condone a 4 year old wearing a full face of make up.

However, today we are in our home relaxing and spending time together.  Roo is curious about the black mystery box that houses the pretty lipsticks and nail varnishes that I keep treasured in my room.  Naturally so – she’s a girl, and with the likes of the infernal Lelli Kelly advertising the hideous ‘make up handbag’ is it any wonder she wants to join in.

So armed with fluffy white towels and a box of baby wipes I am looking forward to our little day together and having now published my confession online will have lost all opportunity of hiding my motherly misdemeanours from Daddy E as he reads my blog.

I must dash as Roo has informed me that she is going to drive us now ‘to the pretty shop where the make-up is so we can relax’.

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