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What would you do with a spare £100?

If you’re like me you probably reach the end of the month and breathe a huge sigh of relief as pay day rolls in; having a spare £100 is something that doesn’t happen in my world and if there is a few spare quid in the bank at the end of the month it doesn’t hang around for long.  I openly admit to being a terrible saver, bad with money and more happy to spend than save.

Putting a little aside for a rainy day is too practical, pensions are boring and I don’t own a savings account.  I don’t like credit cards or loans and really at nearly 37 should be more practical in my approach to money.  A good friend once told me that money is to be respected and treated like a good friend; look after and nurture it and it will look after you.

lloyds-tsb-banking Wise words and is it really that difficult to maximise the most out of your money? Not really according to the clever banking people at TSB who have launched a new range of bank accounts designed to help you get more from your every day money.  Whether you are opening an account for the first time, starting college or a new job the Classic and Classic Plus both have great features to help you take control of your banking.

With super easy internet banking you can watch your money on the move which is linked to the TSB Money Planner tool so you can track your spending habits and with Classic Plus account offering a fantastic 5% AER/4.89% gross variable interest paid on balances up to £2,000 you can earn interest from the day you start paying in (minimum amount to qualify for interest rate is £500 a month and you must register for internet banking).


It is easier than ever to switch banks and TSB will even handle your direct debits and standing orders so nothing gets left behind you can even apply online in less than 10 minutes so instead of going out to the shops and spending money this lunchtime sit at your desk and switch your bank account!

As to the question what would I do with a spare £100?  Well I have a holiday to Cuba coming up and that is going to mean a lot of Cuba Libre’s by the pool and small monkey has requested we also go swimming with dolphins so there’s your answer!

What would you spend your spare £100 on?

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