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Jam everywhere – Life’s little niggles

Being a stay at home mum can have it moments. It’s great to be able to be there 24/7 for your children, to know that they’re eating properly and they’re happy but let’s face it – sometimes it would be good to know that you’re not the only one who hates finding jam everywhere except the jam jar!

Having young children means that it’s a rare occasion to leave the house having had time to actually choose what you’d like to wear that day, apply your make-up and check yourself in a mirror. When you have a busy life it’s the little things that can mount up and ruin your day. Instead of bottling everything up you’ll be glad to know that Triumph are encouraging the UK’s women to get online and get things off their chests!

Use the hashtag #nigglefix and tweet the things that drive you potty or post them on Triumph’s Facebook page and other women will be able to offer their advice or support. Watch the video and you might be surprised to see how many niggles women share:

Find out if you’re the only one that gets driven round the bend by those self-service tills that always seem to take longer than if you’d waited in the queue to be served by a real person or by wraparound dresses that promise so much but end up revealing far too much!

Of course, there’s no magic wand that Triumph can wave to remedy all your niggles but they have solved one of the biggest – the uncomfortable bra. Every woman knows the feeling of a bra that constantly needs to be readjusted but never feels comfortable, the ones that will rotate between riding up or digging into your ribs every five minutes.

Thankfully their new Magic Wire Bra offers all the support you’d expect from an underwired bra but with all the comfort that you crave. The new design sees the underwiring replaced by pieces of silicone that allow it to define every woman’s unique shape.

The Huffington Post have even joined in so don’t be surprised if you get some advice from one of the comedians or celebs that are providing content there too!

For me my #nigglefix is when you’re in a rush in the morning and you get to lunchtime realising you’ve fastened your bra on two totally different hooks and have had lopsided boobs for half a day which no one thought looked remotely weird….oh the joys of being a busy working mum!

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