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Triqo Construction Toy Review

We love building things in this house;  Roo is obsessed with Lego and on a recent trip to the US Legoland was by far her most favourite attraction.  So I knew when I was approached to review the new building and construction toy Triqo that it would be well received by my little engineer in training.

I hadn’t heard of Triqo before and so I googled their website to find out more about this clever construction toy.


‘Triqo is a new, unique construction toy. With only two forms, a triangle and a square, you can create and endless amount of constructions, in ten different colours. Because the constructions are three-dimensional, Triqo is suitable for children aged 5 and up.

Triqo is made of exceptionally strong and flexible polypropylene. The material is fully recyclable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Triqo is a Dutch company and we are proud to say that the Triqo product is not only a Dutch invention but also produced in the Netherlands. This is why each Triqo package is ‘approved’ with a stamp ‘Dutch Design – Made in Holland’.”

We were lucky enough to receive the 100 piece set which comprises 60 square pieces and 40 triangle pieces.  Each piece is flat and strong and has fasteners along each edge to enable it to connect to other pieces.  By pressing together the poppers on  the sides and interlocking the pieces you can make amazing three dimensional shapes.

There is even a handy card with instructions on one side full of amazing creations to give you something to aim towards and get the imagination going.  Big plus point is that the visual instructions are made out of strong laminated card so no chance of these getting ripped or destroyed.

The shapes are pretty tough and you do need a fair bit of strength to push them together so Miss Roo wasn’t able to do it on her own to begin with but once you use the pieces a few times and they begin to become more flexible you can start to create the more complex shapes with it.  The pieces are bright and colourful and this is a great toy for encouraging co-ordination and fine movement skills due to the press studs.

Some of the more complex structures are a little awkward but this is a toy where perseverance pays dividends and with encouragement and help Roo was able to create spaceships, houses, domes and really recognisable 3D shapes.

Triqo is a real change from Lego and a fun toy for all the family and definitely one the dad’s will love to create crazy inventions with. If you fancy winning yourself a fabulous Triqo  50 piece starter set you can enter the competition below.

It’s really simple and quick and the prize is brilliant.

Win a 50 Piece Triqo Set

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