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Tree Fu Tom Twitter Party

Last year I hosted a fantastic Jungle Junction Toy Party on twitter and not only did my house get taken over with some fantastic Jungle  Junction toys, but there were also lots of really cool prizes up for grabs for any of my followers who joined in and got into the spirit.

Tree Fu Tom Twitter PartyWell the good news is that on February 19th 2013 between 4pm and 6pm I will be hosting a Tree Fu Tom twitter party and yet again there are going to be prizes to win as well as lots of party games to get involved with.

It’s definitely a case in our house that Miss Roo is not your typical girly girl and loves watching TV shows that most boys like to watch such and so when Tree Fu Tom started on cBeebies last year she was instantly hooked.  After all who wouldn’t want to be Tom who disappears into the world of Tree Fu and gets to do cool kung fu style moves.  Secretly I admit to joining in with her when she has a go and it’s hilarious watching the two of us.

The best thing about Tree Fu Tom is that it’s aimed at both boys and girls.  Every episode has a different story and the adventures are interesting and there is a clear distinction between doing right and wrong and what happens if you choose the wrong option.  The interaction between the show and children by asking ‘the big world’ to help save the day is a simple but genius concept. In fact the moves that Tree Fu Tom asks children to do have been shown to be a useful treatment for some forms of dyspraxia.  Regardless of whether your child suffers with this it is a  brilliant show for teaching confidence, co-ordination and listening skills.

To proof that it’s not a boys only thing I am primarily inviting girls to our Tree Fu Tom party and will be donning my wonder woman outfit (well not quite) and injecting a bit of  “Girl Power” into my house for the afternoon – all with the help of Tree Fu Tom and his gang.

The party will be similar to the Jungle Junction party we hosted last year, and again, you are invited to attend the party on Twitter with the hashtag #treefutomtoys between 4 to 6pm on Tuesday 19th February, and get yourself a chance to win some fantastic Tree Fu Tom toys!

So make sure you bookmark the date, follow me on twitter and save the #treefutomtoys tag to your stream!

Disclosure: I was invited to host a party that has been subsidised by the PR company for Tree Fu Tom; the party will be hosted at my house and activities planned by me using items provided. All opinions are and will be honest and my own


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