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Tree Fu Tom Toys Review

This week we were lucky enough to host a Tree Fu Tom party at home and also take part in the same event on Twitter.  We are big fans of Tree Fu Tom in this house and his adventures always get us moving and doing the actions at home.  For the party we were sent a selection of items from the new Tree Fu Tom toys range that included the following:-

  • Magic Moves Rap Dance Mat
  • Various Tree Fu Tom Characters
  • ZigZoo play set & deluxe character toys
  • Flying Squizzles
  • Tree Fu Tom DVD
  • Super Holopax

Taking each item in turn the Magic Moves Rap Dance Mat retails at £24.99 and is the most expensive item we were sent to play with.  The way it works is that children have to jump onto the coloured circle that corresponds with the leaf that has lit up on the control panel at the top of the mat.  If you successfully step on the right colours then Tom will shout congratulatory phrases at you.  During the party the kids loved this.  With the first setting being a pretty easy follow the colours to the Tree Fu rap they mastered this in a couple of minutes and had a lot of fun seeing who could do it the best or the quickest.  It offers a 2-skill level activity to encourage colour matching and co-ordination and would make a great party game at any birthday and especially good as an ice breaker for kids who may be shy.

The Tree Fu Tom character figures are brilliant.  Standing a couple of inches tall each of the shows characters are beautifully represented and are robust to withstand being played with and paired with some of the larger toys such as ZigZoo’s wagon.  Although they aren’t posable they do come with a stand for display and are very realistic.  Ranging from around the £4 mark up to about £5 they are great pocket money toys and would make nice party bag toys.  Older children may be frustrated at the lack of moving parts but the younger Tree Fu Tom party fans on Tuesday didn’t seem to notice and the figures are just the right size for little hands.

ZigZoo’s playset was one of the larger character toys we were sent.  It consists of ZigZoo and his wagon and this is a great set with the trailer being big enough to transport the other character figures around.  Just like in the TV show ZigZoo even has his very own spanner to ensure he can invent something new or fix a problem in Treetopolis as well as his shrinking scope for taking on the Moshas.  The ZigZoo play set is around about £12.99 to buy online and is good value for money as it is a nice addition to the static figures and brings in elements of the show for kids to create their own imaginary games.

Tree Fu Tom Toys Review

The deluxe character sets we were sent were of the main man Tree Fu Tom and Ariela and Teabiscuit Rodeo Playset.  Both of these are the same size as the standard Tree Fu Tom characters.  Tom also comes with a pull back and go skateboard to ride on and Ariela and Teabiscuit come with hay-bales to create a wild Treetopolis rodeo.  Whilst hit and miss on carpet and a little fiddly to attach Tom the skateboard it did race along once we got it set up.  And on the wooden floor he was soon zooming around and the kids were taking it in turn to be Tom in their imaginary world.  The deluxe character sets retail from £7.99.

Children who want to be just like Tree Fu Tom will love the Super Holopax wrist toy.  This electronic toy fastens with a simple popper system and when pressed opens out just like Tom’s belt and repeats up to 25 phrases from the TV show.  The biggest downfall with this item is that the button to push and open the Super Holopax often gets stuck and doesn’t open fully so the kids were having to prise it open with nails, so not sure how long it would last and stand up to heavy handed play and secondly it is very chunky and difficult for younger toddlers to manage.  For example one of the three year olds at the party could barely get the watch around her wrist as it was too chunky and just wouldn’t stay on.  Priced at £14.95 I’d say this is the one toy that is better aimed at the 5+ market.

One of the most active toys in the Tree Fu Tom toys range is the Flying Squizzles. Available at around £3 these lightweight discs are designed to fly through the air just like the real squizzles in the TV show.  They can be used like a frisbee and played with outdoors and really do fly very well; we were using them at the party to play traditional games such as pass the parcel and whoever was left holding the squizzle got to choose from a goodie bag of sweets; the kids were also playing games such as passing the squizzle between them using body parts like elbows, under the chin or through their knees.  This is a toy that is great for younger Tree Fu Tom fans and something the whole family can join in with.

We’re yet to watch the DVD fully but it was on in the background during the party and the one feature I particularly loved was that it auto played from episode to episode so no mum’s running to the DVD player every 15 minutes to select a new show episode.  Yay!

All in all the Tree Fu Tom toys are well made, sturdy, offer good value for money and stick true to the characters in the TV show.  The toys have been designed to cover a good age range of I would say 3 – 8 years of age and are easy for children to play with on their own and with friends and family.  Most are small and portable for taking to and from grandparents or friends houses and I like the fact that there will be other additions to the play set range in the future.  I’d love to see some of the Mosha figures so that you could create some battles like Tom gets up to and maybe a tree house style hideout.


Disclaimer: For the purpose of this post we were sent a selection of Tree Fu Tom toys to host our party and review. This post has been posted in accordance to the terms of my PR Guidelines. The views expressed in it are my own and the article cannot be reproduced without prior permission.  Interested in getting a review, competition or guest post for your product? Contact me Charlotte Everiss for details.

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