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Treasure The Little Moments

In a week that saw many of us waking up on Tuesday to hear the news of the beautiful five year old little girl April Jones being taken whilst out playing in the sleepy village of Machynlleth, many parents across the UK have no doubt hugged their children tighter each night as they tucked them into bed.  It is incidents like these that make us treasure the little moments with our children, where we laugh a bit harder at something they’ve said that amuses us or we give them extra praise for something they accomplished this week.

I know personally this week I have given Roo so many hugs and kisses telling her how much she means to me, and then to find out on Wednesday night that a young boy, just seven years of age was tragically killed in our sleepy village whilst on his scooter also bought things close to home.  So this morning whilst making muffins for Roo’s birthday I’ve looked back at the week and tried to remember those extra special moments we’ve shared and what I’ve loved about being a mum this week.

I’d love for my fellow mummy bloggers to share their moments to by commenting below, to get you started here are mine with Roo this week:-

  • Being told by Roo that “I am the best cooker in the world and make the most delicious dinners” – yes I do love to cook but sometimes I don’t always excel in the kitchen so this was lovely as she tucked into pizza and jacket potato one of the nights earlier in the week with a huge grin on her face and pineapple hanging off her nose.
  • Last night as I put her in the car from after school club Roo said from the back seat “I love you mummy more than anything else in the world, even more than GiGi”.  GiGi is her comforter and goes everywhere with her so I must have risen in the popularity stakes this week.
  • When Roo saw the pictures of April Jones going missing this week she turned to me and said “mummy I want to say a prayer for her for God to keep her safe as her mummy must be so sad”.  This touched me so deeply, how she could possibly have put the chain of events together and worked out that her mum will have been going through hell, to me was pretty amazing for a nearly 4 year old.
  • Yesterday at school watching Roo go to her friends and ask them if they would like to share her Micro Scooter.  I was proud of her for offering to share and not getting upset when she wasn’t able to have a go before going into school.  As an only child I do worry about her learning the concept of sharing but I think school is helping to overcome this.
  • Lastly, this morning as I went into her room Roo threw her arms around me, gave me the biggest hug and then did the same to Daddy E.  There is nothing as good as being hugged by your child.  Their love is unconditional, so raw and so open – I hope this never changes.

Even in a week that saw major tantrums and a massive meltdown one day from both me and Roo it is these memories that have kept me going this week.  I feel heartbroken that April’s mother will never get to create more memories with her daughter and cannot even begin to imagine the turmoil she must be feeling.

What little moments have you been able to treasure this week?

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  1. This is so true, it is awful that terrible things have to happen to make us stop an think how lucky we are. My favourite moments this week have been my ones singing Gangmanstyle in the car EVERY day going to school, them coming home freezing and devouring a bowl of homemade soup, my 4 year old shouting ‘ I really love you Mummy’ thought he closing door of the playgroup.
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