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Travel sickness tips

A DVD player seemed such a good idea looking back it.

Rewinding the clock, there was a conversation in the Everiss household not so long ago about how to keep Addison entertained on future long car journeys to Cornwall and Scotland.  After all travelling with kids at the best of times can have it’s hiccups and five hours in the car isn’t fun for anyone.  We decided to invest in one of those in-car DVD players.  Not the built in ones but the ones that you can fasten around the seat as that way we could transport it between our cars and easily take it on holiday.

Looking back I should have seen it coming.  After all as a child neither me nor my better half were good travellers as kids.  We decided to trial the DVD player on a run to Nanma’s and Poppop’s one afternoon and Addison duly choose to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD’s in the back of the car.

The DVD was simple to set up and once fastened around the seat the screen was easy to adjust for her to see and buttons were out of reach of little fingers so as to avoid riotous volume levels in the back and the disc slot was concealed underneath out of the way of prying fingers.  Overall a solidly designed piece of equipment which for the £100 we paid for the dual screen package seemed a good price.  For parents with older children headphones were included so if you wished the kids could listen to the joys of Mickey Mouse without disturbing mum and dad.

Approximately 20 minutes into the car journey Addison was transfixed to the shiny pixelating colours on screen, happily singing away in the back and clapping at her favourite characters.  Suddenly there was a sound…the sound you never want to hear when you are travelling with children.  The unmistakeable sound of your child being violently sick.

The 70mph journey down the usually quiet A38 took a dramatic turn.  I turned round in my chair to see Addison projectile vomiting into her car seat covered from head to toe and looking rather green around the gills and very sorry for herself!

The other half was ordered to take the quick route to the grandparents and the opened their front door to be greeted by their granddaughter head to toe in her lunch, definitely not smelling of roses and a car seat that needed a seriously good washing out.

The cause of the culprit was deemed to be the DVD player as only moment before hubby had looked in his rear view mirror at the transfixed face and watched the colour visibly drain out of Addison.  Needless to say shortly thereafter the DVD player was put up for sale and passed on!  We certainly won’t be rushing out to get a replacement and it will be up to Addison if she wants to get a book out when reading or do something in the car as she gets older or not if she continues to remain slightly travel sick.

If you have any good tips for travel sickness and how you’ve coped with it with your own children feel free to post them below.

Tips for Avoiding Travel Sickness

My top travel sickness tips are:-

  • Be prepared, have a potty or plastic bags ready for the onslaught. Sometimes fate intervenes and when you are prepared, it doesn’t occur.
  • Plan your route along motorways instead of winding routes. This avoids the many stops and provides for a more stable ride. Less bumping and jarring may help.
  • Cover the window beside the child with a sun screen or blind. This helps reduce stress on the eyes and keeps the sun off the child.

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  1. Travel Sickness medication is a must regardless of how short your journey and administered well in advance! My children have had severe travel sickness since they were a year old and my doctor prescribed Phenergan …you need to top up the dose every 6 – 8 hours but it’s fantastic (we did a 2 x 12 hour stints in the car down to South France and NO sickness). We do have a DVD in the car and the kids love to watch their favourite films. For smaller journeys of less than 2 hours I use Travelease travel tablets (24 hour cover)… but you must leave a clear hour before travelling…otherwise they don’t work.
    My other tip is to keep the car well ventilated….no heaters on & windows open !! Being in a hot car doesn’t help at all !

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