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Top Winter Coats for Kids

It’s been a manic week of half term fun in the Mummy Blogger household this last week; we had playmates round for lots of fun and hosted our first Little Puggle craft party with lots of success (even if I was nervous about letting 4 kids under 5 go wild with plaster of paris in my conservatory!). We had pumpkin fun with alternative no carve pumpkin designs and we had a fabulous family fireworks party last night to finish the week off.  One thing I did notice as the week went on is how much colder it’s got – thank heavens I fixed us a good deal on the gas and electric as the fire has been on pretty much non stop today.  As a result of the huge dip in temperature I have this week invested in a winter coat for Roo and thought that others might be interested in some of the coats I looked at but didn’t chose and ultimately why I went for the winter coat we did in the end.

So here’s my top 3 winter coats for kids and where to buy them.  Just so you know, none of the links in this post are affiliate links so I’m not making anything off the post, just sharing some content I think other mum’s will find useful in the quest to keep the kids warm this winter.

top winter coats for kids

Trespass Ski Jacket for Kids

This was the jacket I ended up purchasing for Roo this week as her outdoor play coat.  I picked this Trespass kids ski jacket up in my local Costco cash and carry this week and loved the quality and features of the jacket.  The detachable hood was a big plus point for me as Roo often prefers to wear a hat and I like that I can have the option of removing this.  The elasticated cuffs are great for stopping snow and water get into underclothes and it has clever heat insulating layers to keep body temperature regulated.  It was a good length coming just below her bottom about half way down her thighs and the zip pockets were easy to open and close even when she had her gloves on today for go-karting.  It’s waterproof to 2000mm (not sure where we’d go that is that deep) and also wind proof which is a big factor on those chilly, icy days we’re bound to get this year.  You can buy the coat direct from the Trespass website and it is retailing there at £69 – I picked it up for a shade over £25 which for a coat of this quality I think was a brilliant buy.  This coat is all those things a good outdoor coat should be; tough, durable, practical and washable.

Marks and Spencers Autograph Stormwear Jacket

I had to hunt high and low in Marks and Spencers this year for a half decent coat; there were a lot of flimsy parkas and capes which whilst look gorgeous are not terribly practical when your child wants to delve face first into the snow and make snow angels.  One that did catch my eye though was the Autograph embroidered stormwear padded jacket that comes with mittens.  The coat is well padded and has a nice lining as well as being hooded and comes complete with mittens.  Like the Trespass ski jacket about this coat is washable and can be tumble dried and the stormwear element means that it is breathable and repels water and stains – presumably meaning that your child wont get muddy or soggy.  The things that put me off it were that the hood didn’t detach, there was no real ‘element’ protection with the coat apart from it being padded and chunky and I am not a big fan of faux fur as it’s often really itchy.  Priced at £28 you can currently get 20% off online with Marks and Spencer and pick the coat up from £20.80.

3 in 1 Parka Coat

This 3 in 1 parka coat from Vertbaudet is really cute, I love Vertbaudet’s stuff the quality is pretty good and although their sizes can be a bit hit or miss you can get some amazing bargains when they run their sale. This parka coat has some cute features that make it a multi functional coat for outdoor play in a variety of weather conditions; I liked the protective zip flap at the neck to stop those horrible draughts that give our little ones nasty chesty coughs and the adjustable waist is handy for when they are wearing those extra layers and don’t want to be restricted with  movement.  The clever detachable micro fleece cardigan means that if they get overly warm outside you can remove this with a build in zip and they still can be toasty and warm without overheating and turning the colour of puce.  This is a  middle of the range priced coat at £45 but there is currently 25% off at the moment on Vertbaudet bringing it in at a shade over £35.

These are just three winter coats for kids that I looked at for Roo over the last week and there are a lot more out there; ultimately I wanted a coat that would last her into next year and I think the Trespass Ski Jacket that I picked up will stand the test of time.  She’s worn it out for the last 3 days and we even had no issues with it when sitting in her car seat as other jackets had previously been too puffy for the seat and she was majorly uncomfortable. It withstood a late night fireworks extravaganza at 4 degrees and she’s come in toasty warm from her outdoor pursuits.


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