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Top tips for moving house

Having moved house three times now in the last six months I can testify just how stressful moving house it.  From finding a removal company that doesn’t require you to sell kidneys to afford their services through to the pain of finding enough boxes for all those important possessions it takes a lot of planning and organisation to make sure that come moving day everything comes together and the stress levels remain on an even keel.

If there’s one thing I could say from all my house moves in recent months is that where possible get as many bodies on the ground to help as possible.  Whilst it might seem tempting to try and manage it all yourself having friends and family on hand to help amuse the kids, make tea, keep the removal men on the toes takes some of the stress away from you and means you can concentrate on making sure valuables get packed up securely and not left behind.

Moving house is also a great time to de-clutter and it can be the perfect time to box up all those forgotten kids toys that are littering up the bedrooms and getting under your feet;  pack them up in boxes and put them into the loft and if the kids haven’t asked for them in a month then you know they haven’t missed them and you can allocate them to a new home in a Toy Story 3 style.

If you need some more tips for a smooth house move then check out EcoMovers who can help you not only move to your new home safely and with as little stress as possible but they can also supply you with packaging materials such as boxes, packing tape and those all important labels to make sure your boxes don’t end up in all the wrong rooms!

They’ve also produced this rather handy infographic which is full of top tips for moving house, making sure that your precious items stay in one piece and helpful reminders such as making a list of utilities to notify about your change of address.  I love the tip about how to stop your make-up breaking in transit; wish I’d know this one when I moved!


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