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Too Much Indoor Playtime and Not Enough Outdoor Adventure

I know the weather hasn’t been that good lately, ok let’s face it it’s been bloody awful but it seems that kids are now spending too much time indoors for playtime and not enough outdoor and fresh air time.  I must admit with Roo being at school in the afternoon’s I can see a noticeable difference in her energy levels now she is outside playing for 30 minutes a day in the fresh air as when she is with me we don’t do enough as I am bit of a wet weather wuss and wrongly I’ve always assumed playing outdoors in the wet is well, erm, rather wet.

However a recent survey has shown that kids now have too much indoor playtime.  If you take a look at the way your children play today and compare it to the hours you may have spent as a child running, climbing and exploring the great outdoors, do they get plenty of hours playing outside or do you (and they) wish they were able to spend more time engaging in open-air play?

I know I love it on those weekends where all three of us don our wellington boots and get outside at Cannock Chase or Chasewater Railway as there’s lots of fun to be had in the great outdoors climbing, playing imaginary games and learning about nature – but it’s too easy (and routine) to often put the television on or sit inside and play with the toys.  Furthermore, there are those parents who have a fear of what might happen with their kids playing outdoors – just look at the US where so many playgrounds have been removed for fear of parents suing park authorities for injuries.  I would hate for that to happen here.

By not playing outdoors though our kids are missing out, on vital exercise, fresh air and adventure. So what can be done to encourage safe outdoor play?

The Accident Claims have created this infographic as part of the Play It Safe campaign which illustrates the play behaviour of modern children and provides some useful advice on how to keep kids safe during outdoor playtime.

So get out there, go wild, stay safe and have fun – I bet you and your kids will feel all the better for some fresh air.

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3 thoughts on “Too Much Indoor Playtime and Not Enough Outdoor Adventure

  1. I’ve been pretty sad since we moved to Florida that there don’t seem to be any public playgrounds. All the ones we’ve seen are enclosed by fence and require a keycard to enter, as they are specific to whatever community/apartment complex houses them. We have a tiny area at the end of our road which isn’t really appropriate for Dexter, and which has no swings or merry go rounds or anything other than a climbing frame and a slide.

    But even without big play areas, I try to take him outside every day. We go for a walk around the apartment complex, and he just holds my hand the whole way, chasing lizards and frogs and turtles when he sees them. Unfortunately, he doesn’t really “get” grass yet, and whenever I try to get him to run through the lawns, he just clings on and looks up at me to rescue him.

    At the weekends, we hit the beaches or state parks and other places where he can really enjoy nature. Mark takes him to the pool nearly every day so he can practice swimming.

    It’s really not easy to do a lot of outdoor play in this heat, but we try!! I totally am a wuss when it comes to ANY weather that isn’t sunny and mild. 😉
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    1. Hi Katie – I must admit we struggled to find any public playgrounds when we came over and our complex hadn’t got one and Roo really missed going outdoors for playtime whilst we were there. We try to get out most weekends if only on her scooter for 20 or 30 minutes but certainly are not put off by the thought of accidents whilst out and about. For me that’s part of growing up as a kid 🙂

  2. I always feel sad that my children cannot play out as much as I did when I was a child. We currently live in a village which has few outdoor facilities for children, the park has one swing and a climbing frame, and the field is used by dog walkers and a minefield for dog mess so I tend not to let the children use that area. Other than that there is nothing within walking distance. In the evenings we are trying to at least have a walk around the block after dinner as our toddlers love the fresh air.

    We are fortunate in that we live within a short drive to the beaches so can take our children there on weekends.
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