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Tips for Getting Kids to Brush their Teeth

I am pretty lucky with Roo in that teeth cleaning has always been something fun and not something we’ve struggled with, however I know many friends who struggle with this part of the morning and bed time routine to the point of frustration and tearing out of hair.  Thankfully the clever people at Aquafresh have come up with some top tips for getting kids to brush their teeth.  Here are some of the top 20 tips they have posted, the full list is on their website.

  • Get a 2 minute egg timer – so your kids know how long to brush for!
  • Let kids pick their own toothbrush – they will get really excited when it comes to brushing their teeth with the toothbrush they have picked!
  • Get your kids a (robust) mirror – they can make silly faces in it and watch themselves brushing
  • Brush your teeth at the same time – kids love to copy mum and dad!
  • Sing “Brush, brush, brush your teeth, gently to and fro, up, down, side to side, teeth so clean they glow” to the tune of “Row row row your boat” – it’s a great brushing rhythm!
  • Give your kids a gentle scare by showing them pictures of people with bad teeth – or even your own – so that they know why they need to brush!
  • Play ‘dentist’ with your kids – put them in a chair, inspect their teeth while they brush and provide a running commentary while they are doing so!
  • Reward charts with stickers work very well – once they have reached a certain number they can get a treat which is a great incentive!
  • Let your kids be independent! You will need to brush their teeth at the end but letting them do it first makes them feel very grown up and it’s good practice!

Certainly with Roo we have employed a few of these tactics at time, particularly showing  bad teeth on people, in fact we told her that if she wanted to have Disney princess teeth like Rapunzel then she had to clean them and it soon worked.

I am quite proud of the fact that at 35 years of age I have no fillings or teeth issues, I have never had work done on my teeth and this is because I looked after them growing up.  Aquafresh conducted research of 1,500 mums of children aged 2-12 and revealed that more than one million under-fives in the UK have at least two fillings, as mums struggle to get kids to brush their teeth.  Whilst this stat is pretty scary on it’s own there were some other not so healthy findings from the research including:-

  • 13 per cent of mums have children who have at least one filling by the time they start school (aged 3)
  • Almost one in four (24 per cent) mums say their children only brush their teeth once a day and one in fifty say they don’t brush at all
  • The research showed that almost half (47 per cent) of kids under 12 have been told they have dental decay, one of the most preventable diseases in the UK
  • One in fifty mums even admitted that their kids never brush their teeth.

For more information, or to sign up to The Club for fun tips on how to get kids brushing or for a free sample of Aquafresh Fresh & Minty, please visit http://www.aquafreshclub.co.uk and if you’re a mum or dad who is struggling getting the kids to brush their teeth then check out this official Aquafresh video for making brush time more enjoyable.

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  1. Wonderful tips! It’s really very important that they get to choose their toothbrush atleast they are using what they like. Next to that, following all those tips mention above would be great. Oral hygiene is vital and kids should slowly understand this with all the routines that they’ll have. Thanks for sharing this post and video too.

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