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Tips for Christmas Kids Parties

kids party meal boxesChristmas is a busy time for us grown ups with Christmas shopping to do, presents to wrap and more cooking than is legally allowed for a festive celebration.  On top of that there are also the kids to consider and usually they want some sort of kids party with all their friends to celebrate the end of term and the start of the holidays…(you on the other hand would like a large gin and a bottle of Prozac to get through this).

As if you don’t have enough to do you now have to come up with a plethora of ‘innovative and quirky’ kids party ideas that will placate the kids, amuse the parents and give you some mum points on the ever competitive party scoreboard.

Luckily, Pinterest to the rescue for this one as there are literally HUNDREDS of great Christmas party ideas for kids parties on there that are simple to do and can be created from items around the home.  I particularly love the reindeer inspired water / drinks bottles which look great with googly eyes, fluffy noses and pipe-cleaner antlers.

christmas-reindeer-bottlesThe thought then turns to food and we all know that kids party food is messy, getting them to sit and eat it all together without running around the lounge is also another ‘fun’ aspect of hosting a party at your house.  So it’s about looking for some sort of food packaging that is different for them that will be a talking point, something exciting that they can share with their friends that will keep them transfixed for the time it takes them to eat their sarnies and treats.


I found these kids meal boxes online and love the take on using animals to create lunches with personality – absolutely perfect too if you have kids that are after a jungle themed party and want to carry this through with their food.

Once the little monsters darlings are sitting down and munching with glee that means it’s time for you to get the kettle on and refresh your nerves and fuel your adult guests with a good cup of coffee or a cup of tea.  Whilst it might be tempting to get your best china out and show off your new cups in reality this means you’re going to spend several hours chained to the kitchen sink after doing the washing up and also have heart palpitations ever time a fellow mum puts their cup down somewhere as you wait for a small child to smash it in the bedlam of party games.  A simple solution is to use disposable cups for your refreshments as you can simply bag these all up and recycle them at the end of the party so you’re even doing your bit as a little eco-warrior.

All that remains is for you to now peel the blu-tack from the walls, the jam off the carpet and to bring your child down from the sugar rush high that only party food can provide….Merry Christmas!


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