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Time For Some New Handmade Furniture

prettythingsAt Christmas as part of our redecoration and extension plans we purchased a beautiful new solid wood dining set that extended so we could have all the family round.  It is a beautiful piece of handmade furniture from a local company and everyone comments on it when they come to visit.  Since then I’ve been looking for some other pieces to add around the home and particularly for the hallway and our bedroom.

I had seen some mango Indian style furniture online at Satara, who specialise in solid wood furniture.  They had a great range of console tables in a variety of different styles and I particularly liked the fact that they came in a few finishes and light and dark woods.  I settled on one of the mango wood console tables that is currently reduced to £197.  I loved the two good sized drawers for creating probably yet more ‘junk drawers’ and a practical lower shelf for those shoes that never seem to make it past the front door and languish strewn in my hallway.


Delivery may be steep at £25 when you’ve just paid £197 so if you can try to combine an order with a few bits as they do have some lovely accessories available too such as beautiful hand woven Indian rugs and bedspreads if you fancied a bedroom makeover.

My search then took me to a site that a friend had recommended as she’d bought some wooden cube nests from them at Christmas.  Verty Furniture specialises in contemporary handmade Indian solid wood furniture and I was delighted to see a special offers section when I landed on the website (Daddy E will not be so delighted at the credit card flexing).

Again delivery is a steep £29 but they offer a 21 day full refund policy and delivery within 5 working days.  My delivery is due next week so hopefully it will all arrive in one piece.  This time I ordered something for the bedroom and opted for a solid wood mirror which was in beautiful dark wood so will match in with our chocolate leather sleigh bed and cream walls really nicely.  I loved the fact that mirror was reduced from £179 to just £89 and was the perfect dimensions to fit a blank wall that I needed to brighten up.

I can’t wait for both items to arrive as these should pretty much finish off this round of home makeover at the least and then I can start nagging Daddy E for a new kitchen!

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