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You’ve probably guessed already from the blog that 2013 is a year of challenges for me; with the first weekend of Dryathlon approaching I’ve now been alcohol free for nearly a week and feel amazing. I’ve been cooking like a woman possessed from the Hairy Dieters cookbook that I purchased on my NookHD a few weeks back and have been consciously watching my calorie intake and stopping the snacking. I’ve been creating juices and smoothies that a Caribbean barman would be proud of and I have also started listening to my Thinking Slimmer Slimpods again ready for my exclusive programme with the Thinking Slimmer team in the next few weeks.

If you haven’t heard of Thinking Slimmer or Slimpods before and you are looking for a real, proven way to get in control of your eating then take five minutes to read on. Thinking Slimmer is loved by thousands of people because it enables them to retune their mind to have a new relationship with food. It’s a way to lose weight easily and permanently without dieting, calorie counting, pills, shakes or costly special food.

Yes that’s right – no permanent diets, no ghastly chalky meal replacement shakes, no points counting for the weekend just you and a 10 minute audio cast that works to change your relationship and associations with food.

I’ve spent years dieting. I’ve been dieting on and off for over 10 years. Always struggling with my weight. Every time I try it the same things annoy me before I’ve started; paying to go to weight loss classes, having to monitor my food in take, religiously weighing myself and then feeling guilty when I go over my allotted points.

For me the best thing about Slimpods is that there’s no worry, no hassle and no guilt. When I first started using the Slimpods about 18 months ago they helped me curb substantially my habit for picking food and snacking. Within a week I wasn’t tempted to eat leftovers and I was able to lose some valuable inches on my mummy tummy.

So what exactly is a Slimpod? A Slimpod is a special voice recording created by a team of Harley Street specialists in behavioural change. It uses cutting edge techniques that gently retune your mind, changing your relationship with food. It’s not a diet. It’s so simple you only have to listen for 10 minutes a day. A Slimpod’s like having your own personal weight coach there for you 24 hours a day and that’s important because losing weight is in the head not the stomach: the way we think about food controls what goes in our mouths.

By controlling those thoughts we can control what we consume. That’s a life-changing, life-enhancing benefit. Ultimately listening to Slimpods helps to remind me of why I am losing weight in 2013. I don’t want to be overweight for Roo, I want her to see a healthy fit and happy me. I want to be able to run around with her. I also want to be able to shop in normal high street stores and not feel restricted to what I have to wear. I am looking forward to starting this next part of my 2013 journey which so far is all about shifting barriers for creating a better me as I think it’s really easy for us mum’s to forget about us and always worry about everyone else.


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