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Celebrity mums they’re just like us really

There seems to be a celebrity baby  boom happening, an off-shoot from the 50 Shades phenomenon who knows but the world of celebrity mums is popping out little bambinos left right and centre.

As a celebrity baby let’s face it you will want for nothing, from your exclusive Bugaboo pushchair to your mini D&G babygrows from the day you are born you will be wrapped in a snug cocoon of luxury items and paraded to the all welcome paparazzi of Hello! or People magazine.

On one hand it must be lovely being a celebrity mum.  All that money, not having to think oh can I afford that box of nappies this week or do I need to get the value pack, and let’s face it what mother wouldn’t want to spend hours browsing the shops of Kensington and Chelsea or the boutiques of LA for cute designer baby goodies.

Snooki out for a buggy strollThis week alone we’re graced with pictures of Nicole Polizzi (Snooki from Jersey Shore for those of you who haven’t witnessesd this wonderful car crash TV series) and her new baby boy Lorenzo.  Little Lorenzo is dressed in booties with the Italian flag on the bottom and she clearly takes delight in being a new, if slightly earlier than expected mum, as she talks openly about the love she gets for nursing her newborn son and also her desire to get ‘her swag back’.

Ironically she claims to have given up partying but in the same sentence is currently filming the second season of her MTV spin-off Snooki & JWOWW (wonder if that will feature weaning in the Bentley).

Beyonce 31st birthdayThen there are the pictures of Beyonce turning 31 this week, now most of us turning 31 with a new baby in tow would probably have had a family get together at home or gone out for a meal.

Oh how the other half live, with Jay-Z whisking Beyonce and little Blue-Ivy off on their yacht for a Mediterranean cruise.  With the yacht decked out in streamers and balloons, the photos show a happy, solid family unit doting on their 7 month old daughter and a husband who clearly adores his wife and the life they have together.

The last of the celebrity mums to catch my eye this week was the somewhat strained looking Chantelle Houghton.  I feel for Chantelle I do, a whirlwhind romance with Alex Reid they had only been dating for six months when they got engaged last October.  And in her latest interview her words are that of a woman unsure of what the future holds for her and her new daughter Dolly and she openly admits that with all the problems her and Alex have had that they don’t spend much time together.

Having a baby places huge strain on a relationship and even more so on one that is rocky to start with.  Whatever the future holds for Chantelle I hope she makes the decision that is right for her and Dolly and doesn’t simply keep nodding her head when she should be shaking it.

Even though these celebrity mums appear to have it all, articles like these lead me to question do they really?  They appear to have the same problems as every other mum on the planet, whether it’s shifting the baby weight, trying to forge a career around their family, or working out if they’d be better of as a single parent.

Sure their purses may be deeper than ours, their buggy’s swankier and their outfits chic and not covered in baby sick but ultimately these are women who like us adore their babies and love being mums.

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