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The quest for the body beautiful

This is the headline that popped into my inbox recently….

45 % of Brits Unhappy with Their Stomachs as UK Waistlines Expand

As a woman who has had some big body issues since having my daughter nearly six years ago I am well aware of the daily scrutiny us women subject ourselves to in the quest to ever obtain that body beautiful image that we so desperately seek to achieve.  In reality though with the stresses and time constraints of modern live it becomes increasingly difficult to ‘make time’ to work out and change our eating habits and we’re brilliant at finding every excuse in the book not to do it.  I was the same but back at the start of 2o14 having seen a hideous family photograph I made the decision to change my lifestyle and lose the weight I knew was ultimately affecting my confidence.

And it seems that wanting to change my body and certain parts of it does not make me a minority.  Far from it.

Whilst changing body parts you’re unhappy with or making ideal celebrity beach bodies may not be realistic, but further research from an online voucher website reveals that many Brits aren’t actually happy with parts of their body and if they could, they would change them.

Obesity is a new epidemic, and our growing waistlines are causing concern for many. Research shows that the majority of Brits male and female – 45%, if they could change any body part, would like to change their stomach. Figures show that the average waist size for Brits has been expanding, so it’s probably no surprise that an online voucher code website found the majority of respondents chose this one area of their body to change if they could when surveyed.

Girl With A Beautiful Body At Sea Photo

As part of ongoing research into body and health issues, found that both men and women were not happy with their stomachs and if they could, would change this over any other body part. Expanding waistlines mean this area is a cause for concern for many people over other body parts, from arms and legs to face and chest.

Survey results; respondents were asked, ‘What part of your body would you change?’

  • Stomach – 45.5%
  • Legs – 12.4%
  • Arms – 11.4%
  • Face – 11.4%
  • Other – 11.2%
  • Chest – 8.2%

Mark Pearson from My Voucher Codes said: “Luckily to change your stomach, you don’t need expensive surgery; improvements can be made to diet and lifestyle so you can achieve a lean and toned stomach. We know from previous research we have done that many people get their inspiration from celebrity bodies, as shallow as it may seem. We want people to be happy with the body they have but also to be healthy.

We found previously the ideal stomach for women is the toned stomach of Lucy Mecklenburg from TOWIE and for men the muscular stomach of Scotty T from Geordie Shore. For some it may seem unrealistic, but you can still come close with hard work and determination. And remember it’s not just looking good which is important but being healthy as well.”

For me personally, my biggest challenge has been my stomach area and that is why I am working really hard at the moment with a combination of diet, fitness and some beauty aesthetic treatments to get closer to that flat stomach I crave – am I there?  Not quite, but I am a darn site closer today than I was last week and my biggest motivator right now is Addi who I want to be a good role model for and be fit and healthy and around a long time for.

What would you change if anything about your body?

2 thoughts on “The quest for the body beautiful

  1. Great post! I feel sad when I hear women (even men) of any age complaining about their imperfections.

    For me personally, I don’t eat well or exercise in order to look a certain way, I do it to take care of my body. I think it’s really important to focus on what your body can DO rather than what it looks like.

    I used to get hung up on my feet because they get very dry skinned, but one day I just thought I’m gonna cut my feet some slack and be proud of them, cos they’ve carried me all around the world are still going strong!

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