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The Practical Family Motorhome Holiday Guide

holidays in the ukThese days, a rising number of families have started to skip holidays abroad and instead opt for breaks and family holidays within the UK. For many, the perfect way to do this is in a spacious, comfortable motorhome, which provides a home from home no matter where they go.

Holidaying in motorhomes can be fun, exciting, and far more adventurous than going to stay in a hotel or apartment. It also provides more freedom for families as well as being more cost-effective, as accommodation and meals are already sorted. Whether you own your own motorhome or you are thinking of renting one, it is important to put some thought into planning your motorhome holiday to ensure that everyone gets the most out of this exciting experience.

Tips to ensure a wonderful motorhome holiday experience

In order to ensure that your whole family gets to enjoy the excitement and adventure of a motorhome holiday, you need to do some forward planning. This includes looking at factors such as the following.

 Choosing the right motorhome: Whether you are buying or renting a motorhome for your holiday, it is vital that you make the right choice. These recreational vehicles come in a range of different sizes and models so you should choose the right one based on the size of your family and the facilities you want inside. Remember, if you plan to take regular holidays in a motorhome, it is well worth investing in one rather than renting.


Working out where to go: You have plenty of choice when it comes to places to explore in your motorhome. There are many wonderful sites to explore within the UK, including some exceptional areas of natural beauty. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you could head to Europe to enjoy soaking up the culture and excitement.

Kit out the motorhome for long hours of travel: If your family includes younger kids, you need to bear in mind the need to keep them entertained during those long hours on the road. In order to avoid the constant question “Are we there yet?”, invest in items that will keep the kids busy such as DVDs, books, games and other forms of entertainment to make the journey easier for them and for you.

Plan for breaks while travelling: Motorhome holidays involve a lot of travelling and you could find yourself on the road for hours at a time. Obviously, this isn’t always ideal if you have youngsters in the family. You should therefore make sure you plan for regular breaks when working out routes and times. This is to help alleviate tiredness for the adults – namely the driver – as well as to enable the kids to stretch their legs.

Forward planning for any type of family holiday is important. For trips such as motorhome holidays it is even more vital, as a greater level of planning is required for this type of break.


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