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The Magic of Grandparents

Roo is lucky in that she still has grandparents on both sides of mine and Daddy E’s family and they get to see her on a regular basis.  She’s so fond of them and loves to go for sleepovers and this Saturday she stayed over at my mum and dad’s because our builders were starting the extension and we thought it best that she was out of the way whilst they were knocking out walls and using the jack hammer.  I  knew she’d have a fabulous time there, she always does and comes back with cute stories about her tales of adventure and usually follows my dad (Poppop) around like a shadow.

This weekend’s visit to the grandparents was no different to any of the others; Roo helped Poppop in the garden with her Poco Nido wellies on for the best part of an hour and a half.  Scooping up leaves and investigating bugs.  She loved it when the robin flew down into the garden and hopped alongside her digging for bugs in her leaf piles.  She helped Nanmar with her sewing and learnt a new word ‘thimble’ and that it ‘protects your finger from the needles’ and she never left my dad alone for a minute.  It’s lovely to hear her re-telling these stories when she comes home and it really does bring home the magic of family and grandparents and what a valuable support network they are to many mum’s and dad.

Sunday when Roo returned we all had a big Sunday lunch complete with a delicious Christmas pudding from Aldi as a test run for Christmas Day.  As we were approaching the end of the meal Roo promptly announced that she wanted the rest of the pudding, I’d saved it for her anyway as she loves Christmas pudding.  As my dad went to pick up the custard jug and wind Roo up by pretending to eat the custard she promptly announced “come on poppy that’s my custard’.

It was one of those cute kid moments and just made me smile and go all mushy inside.  She’d been calling him poppy most of the afternoon and there had been little shouts of “come on poppy Skylanders time” or “come on poppy hurry up that’s my dinner.”

Each of these just made me so glad that both my parents have been able to witness the birth and last 4 years of their first grandchild and they really do dote on her every word.  They take joy at hearing her new achievements each week, they actively offer to babysit and help me out.  When there’s a crisis I can always depend on them being there.  Sometimes I forget that they are both in their 60’s now and really should be looking forward to the golden age of retirement and maybe taking it a little easier.  With Roo around though I don’t think they’ll get much chance of that!

The memories they are making together now are something I hope that Roo treasures as she grows older as I still have so many fond memories of my grandparents from when they were alive and I’d love her to reminisce as I do today.

the importance of grandchildren

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