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The Importance of Family Time

When Friday night rolls round I do a little cheer that for the next 48 hours or so there will be an extra pair of hands available to lend a hand around the house and do activities as a family.  When Daddy E comes home he’s usually greeted with a big hug and Roo always asks if he’s had a good day.  For me the importance of family time cannot be underestimated.  Roo loves having both of us around.  She loves creating “adventures” for us to go on around the house or when we go out and we try to include her in planning our excursions and activities.  This weekend for example I had been lucky enough to have been passed tickets to Mr Bloom’s Get Up and Grow Tour at Sandwell Valley (thank you Frankee B).

We hadn’t told Roo that we were going to see Mr Bloom – all we had said was that we were going to a new park.  She was excited all week about going and then on Saturday morning started helping me to get things ready such as spare clothes and even suggested snacks to put in the picnic hamper to take with us.

The Mr Bloom Get Set Grow event was brilliant, even with showery weather spirits were high and there was a good attendance.  The event was totally free to get in to – great for watching the pennies in the summer holidays.  There were activities for the kids to do such as making their own bird feeder (see instructions below) and making an insect lodge (which was great fun), through to meeting the bees that pollinate our flowers, thatching a cottage, meeting farm animals, learning about wildlife and also an obstacle course and garden games such as potato spoon races.

Make Your Own Apple Bird Feeder

Items Needed

  • 1 x apple
  • 2 x cocktail sticks
  • Selection of seeds such as pumpkin, sunflower etc
  • Garden Twine


  • Take your apple and tie on your garden twine to the stalk to hang it from a tree in the garden.  Then take your cocktail sticks and put one in each side of the apple to make a tiny perch.
  • Then simply take the pointy ends of your seeds and push into the skin of the apple.  Push them in about half way so they are fairly secure and just keep pushing into the apple until you have a nice selection for the birds to eat.
  • Simply take outside and hang in a tree.

cBeebies Mr Bloom Get Set GrowIt was lovely to see so many mums, dads, grandparents etc all out with their kids enjoying pretty simple activities and getting stuck in.  The highlight of the day was getting to watch Mr Bloom’s show on stage.

This ten minute show was brilliant, the kids had an opportunity to sit right at the front and join in with all the singing, wiggling and clapping and Mr Bloom did a very good job of even getting the grownups to join in and embarrassing some of us who were being a little too enthusiastic with our worm wiggling!

Everyone was singing, smiling and you could see that even in an age where we are absorbed in technology and can be online 24/7 that still one of the best ways to spend time with those you love is to do something as a family.

Whether it’s an afternoon in the park, feeding the ducks, a traditional Sunday dinner family time is an important institution that allows us to impart knowledge on our children and surround them with those people in their lives that love them and are ultimately role models for them.

It doesn’t matter how or what that family unit is made up seeing a child surrounded by fun activities, people that want to support and love that child and ultimately relax and create precious memories is simply something that cannot be beaten.

What’s your favourite way to spend family time together?

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