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The Importance of family time

the importance of family time - guest blog postTrying to keep on top of family life and work commitments can often create frustration and feelings of disappointment. Maintaining house and home may sometimes seem like a thankless task with efforts often unappreciated and unrewarded. Yet when these feelings overwhelm you, why not take a step back and put an alternative spin on your situation instead.

Rather than giving in to feelings of resentment, consider taking the time to appreciate what you have and to show this appreciation to the important people in your life. Something as simple as declaring your love for your nearest and dearest can often have a profound effect on the way that person is feeling.

Cultivating a loving environment

Being affectionate towards your partner in front of the children allows them to feel comfortable with emotion and to appreciate the value of love. Encourage and help your children to demonstrate their appreciation of their father on both special and ordinary occasions. Simple gestures or small, heartfelt gifts make far more meaningful presents for men than a hastily purchased afterthought – like the stereotypical a reduced bouquet of flowers from the petrol station.

Don’t shy away from fraught and frazzled family relationships, focus time and attention on the other person instead. This additional attention will reap rewards and may even go so far as to be reciprocated. It could be one of the most important family decisions which you ever make.

scheduling in family time

No substitute for time together

Spending time with family members, both collectively and individually, is the best way to build lasting bonds. Keep an open dialogue with your children and spend time individually to better understand their lives. Mealtimes provide the ideal platform for meaningful time together. You can focus time and attention on individual members, share experiences and enjoy each other’s company.

Exploit these informal occasions and make the most of your time together. Whether you’re having a special celebration at a restaurant or enjoying a normal weeknight family dinner at home, you might like to consider cheap meal ideas that won’t break the bank. Likewise, spending time on a shared activity needn’t involve unnecessary expense. Inexpensive outdoor activities, such as walking or cycling, will encourage communication and openness away from the confines of your familiar four walls and closed doors.

Shared time allows family members to feel able to interact openly, seek support and be assured of unconditional love. Maintaining strong family ties is beneficial for everyone, helping to build better health and encourage self-esteem.

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