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Just Another Day Being A Mum

Sometimes I wonder what goes on in the head of Miss Roo.  Seriously, sometimes like most parents my instructions seem to go in one ear and out the other.  Often requests are met with little recognition and her favourite phrase at the moment is ‘Pardon’ shortly followed me reminding her to ‘open her ears!’.  Occasionally the not listening will result in some daft moment of behaviour and an accident and subsequently a lesson learnt not to do X again or to listen in future.  All part of the learning curve of Miss Roo growing up and all part of my daily challenges of being a mum.

Today was one of those days when Roo seemed to have it in her head that she had to show things to people.  Such things included showing my mum how she could be just like Dobbie the house elf from Harry Potter.  As most of you know Dobbie tends to hit his head on things when upset or frustrated.  Usually with excessive banging and much pain.

Well, Miss Roo walked in from school.  Started announcing to Nanmar she was going to show her what Dobbie does.  Can you tell what is coming?

Miss Roo promptly wacked her head down onto the frame across the back of the leather sofa with an almighty wack.  Cue very shocked face by Nanmar, lots of tears from Miss Roo who didn’t understand why the usually soft sofa was now hard.  Next followed a meltdown of indescribable proportions with Roo realising her head seriously hurt, me stuck between shouting at her for being a silly billy and wanting to take care of her and my mum trying not to laugh and offer Roo a cuddle.

Two spoons of Calpol, a warm bath and a cold flannel later someone now has a rather large bruise on the front of head, is feeling rather sorry for herself and knows now not to bang the back of the sofa and that she is not Dobbie the house elf.

Sigh.  All in a day’s work of being a a mum.


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