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The cost of a weekly family shop

This week I met the lovely @baby_genie on twitter; instantly I was jealous of her avatar.  Have a look you’ll see why.  She’s rocking a gorgeous fur hat, stunning red hair and looks far too fresh faced to be a mummy (I need to quiz her about what her secret is as I look haggard as hell this week).

We started a bit of a twitter debate about the cost of a weekly family shop.  I don’t know about anyone else but the price of food in the supermarkets is rocketing and I’ve been making a conscious effort to seriously cut back.  There was a variety of replies from my fellow mummy’s on twitter about the cost of their shop from one super frugal mummy coming in at £40 I think it was and then the majority of people hitting £120 – £150 most weeks.

What surprised be about @baby_genie is that our familes are pretty similar. We’re both a family of three with a toddler just in night happies.  Logically our shop should be the same.  Somehow she manages to shop for about £75 a week for her family and I was intrigued to get her tips.

So she blogged about the cost of her weekly family shop and revealed to the world her super tidy fridge.  In response to her post admittedly my other half has dietary issues so shopping can be complicated but me in particular is a big lover of a glass of vino in the evening and popping into Aldi (yes Aldi is awesome for bloody good wine) can often lead to spending £30 on wine for a week.  For the last two weeks however I haven’t drunk more than a bottle of wine and I can honestly say I’ve not missed it.

So this week I did my food shopping online.  I don’t buy bread from the supermarket as we use a local baker and all my meat comes from a butcher in the village.  On my shop this week from Sainsburys which is my supermarket of choice were the following items:-

My Family Weekly Shop

Quantity Product Price
1 Felix As Good As It Looks, Doubly Delicious Fish, Cat Food 12x100g £4.69
1 Felix ‘As Good As It Looks’ Country Recipe Pouch 12x100g £4.69
1 Quilted Velvet White 9 Rolls £4.00
1 Phil Smith Brilliant Shine Glossing Shampoo 250ml £3.99
2 Sainsbury’s Double Strength Lime Squash, No Added Sugar 1.5L £2.50
1 Robinsons Select Apple & Blueberry 850ml £1.79
1 Sainsbury’s Rich Tea Fingers, Fingers 250g £0.54
1 Ella’s Kitchen Smoothie Fruit, The Orange One 450g £3.25
1 Amoy Straight To Wok Singapore Noodles 300g £1.99
1 Innocent Kids Juicy Drink Apple 5x200ml £2.99
1 Total 0% Fat Greek Yogurt 500g £2.20
1 Munch Bunch Fruit Yogurt 4x100g £1.59
3 Lactofree Semi Skimmed Dairy Drink 1L £3.84
2 Cravendale Purefilter Semi Skimmed Milk 2L £3.00
1 Sainsbury’s French Goats Cheese, Mild 150g £2.00
1 Sainsbury’s Quiche Lorraine, Taste the Difference 475g £2.00
1 Sainsbury’s Peeled Prawns, Basics 260g £2.60
1 Sainsbury’s Tomatoes, Basics 450g £0.72
1 Sainsbury’s Ready To Roast Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato 320g £2.00
1 Sainsbury’s Aromatic Stir Fry Vegetables, Taste the Difference 190g £2.00
1 Sainsbury’s Baking Potatoes x4 £0.70
1 Bartletts Rooster Potatoes 2kg £1.60
1 Sainsbury’s Peppers, Basics (Colours May Vary) 600g £1.60
1 Sainsbury’s Strawberries 400g £2.00

Without the annoying £5.50 delivery charge my total was £58.28.  Now this surprised me as I was expecting it to be a lot more.  Usually in store I spend double this and this leads me to the thought train of do I spend more in store because of tempting items in front of me. The answer is most definintely yes.  I will often get waylaid in homeware and lost in clothing for 40 minutes which all adds up.  Ok so on the shop this week there is no meat and bread but the three loaves of bread from the bakers will got me £2.65 tomorrow and I did a meat shop two weeks ago that has at least another two weeks of meat in the freezer to use up yet.

I don’t need any cleaning products this week and when I get these I get them from Home Bargains or Wilko when the other half heads to town in his lunch break as they are substantially cheaper.  As for the contents of my fridge, well it would be rude of me not to join in and keep @baby_genie company so here you go.

Meals for us this week have included or will include chicken fajitas done with free range chicken breasts, tortillas, peppers and salsa, fishcakes fries & salad, pea & pancetta spaghetti with fresh chilli, asparagus risotto, oven baked salmon with honey, ginger and chilli dressing and probably a take away on Saturday. So all week we eat pretty healthy and it would seem that we get penalised for buying fresh in preference to the hundreds of BOGOF deals on ready meals, microwave food and convenience dinners.

It would be great to find out what the cost of a weekly family shop in your house is? What are your treats and what have you cut back since the price increase in food?  Have you got any great budgeting tips you wish to share with the world?  Have you changed your eating habits since having kids and lowered your expectations on what is classed as a meal or do you love to cook family favourite dishes for your household?
a weekly family shop

8 thoughts on “The cost of a weekly family shop

  1. Great post, supermarket shops are such a drain on family budgets at the moment. For us, well I started using a well-known online only supermarket when my daughter was born. I ruddy love them! I buy a one-year delivery pass, which, if I shop once per week works out at £2 per delivery. But I can have up to one delivery per day if I fancy (I often do, my budget doesn’t).

    My favourite thing about it though, is that I never have to have that blood pressure raising moment at the check-out, wondering if I’ve over-spent. I can see the running tally and amend accordingly.

    Our biggest change to our shopping habits over the last year has been cutting back on meat. It is better for our health, but it also makes a huge difference to what we spend. I am still working on cutting back on wine and chocolate…

  2. That’s really interesting. I too have found that I spend about £150 each week and it’s getting ridiculous. What I did last month was a I planned my months food did an online shop of around £240 which covered all the store cupboard and freezer stuff for the month so that I only had to ‘top up’ with fresh stuff each week. I haven’t totted up my spending yet, but I feel as thouh I have been less times to the supermarket, so o think it has worked out ok.

    1. I like your tactic. I went through my cupboards this week to actually look what I needed before hitting the add to basket button and I do think it’s made a difference. I’ve found using the farm shop for veg has improved the fridge life on things so I am stocking up less now since switching to that.

  3. I dont think i do too bad. Spend 120-150 per week for everything and thats for me, hubby, 9 year old, 22month old and 9month old. My eldest has night time pull ups, toddler and baby in nappies and baby still having formula plus being weaned. I also mainly cook fresh. Hubby drinks coke which costs 8pounds a week in that and i enjoy wine and usually buy 3 for 12pounds included in our shop. Cant wait til the kids are all out of nappies, should free up a bit of cash! But of course the bigger they get the more they eat…….

  4. This is turning into a really interesting experiment isn’t it! We should get the supermarkets on board with a £100 or less weekly shop challenge!!! Looking at your bill the only things I can see that really bump it up are the cat food and smoothies. I have to confess that I do often browse the clothes too and haven’t included that in my weekly total of approx £75!!! I’m sure I have more expensive weeks too when I run out of toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and so on, so to be on the safe side mine is maybe nearer £85. I’d be really interested to see it done on £40 a week!
    And thanks for the lovely avatar comment; I have a very nice friendly camera!!!! x

  5. We spend around £45 a week for us 2 and our 14 month old. I shop online(and maybe spend £5-£10 each week topping up fresh stuff) and rather then buying willy nilly, i think up the meals we will have that week and just buy what we need then add extras on. x

  6. Our weekly shop can vary from £55 on a good week to £120 when we need everything for two adults and a 22 month old. Since moving to Bristol we’ve found a really good local greengrocer in the next ‘town’; last week the husband spent £10 in there and that covered all of our fruit and veg for the week and unlike the previous greengrocer in Bournemouth, it actually lasted the week.

    I am tempted to try a butcher; previously we only used a local butcher if we wanted, for example, pork chops or steak as a treat. We generally get our meat at 3 for £10 from Asda but I’ve found in recent weeks that their mince in particular is really poor quality and the whole chicken is really small, just about doing us 3 for a roast (granted probably 3 toddler servings but still, we used to feed 5 adults plus H).

    Despite trying to budget weekly, we often pop into Co-Op for things we’ve run out of or need (one of the many downsides of not having a car, although of course we don’t have the expense). This evening I discovered I’d forgotten to take something out of the freezer for dinner, we’d run out of milk, toilet roll, coffee and bread. I bought those, plus Coke (my drink of choice) and 4 lagers and tobacco for the husband and it come to £23!

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