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Tetley Estate Selection Tea

A good cup of tea; it’s part of our British heritage.  For many British family a good cup of tea is part of our daily life.  Whether it’s disasters or celebrations we’re quick to the put the kettle on and all gather round and contemplate things over a piping hot cup of tea.  It inevitably puts the world to rights.It’s no different in our house and the first thing that happens each morning at 6:15am is our whistling kettle goes on for a wake up brew.  None of us can function without it and Miss Roo loves her cup of tea in a little mug.  So when the lovely folk at Tetley Tea sent us some new of their Estate Selection tea to try I knew it wouldn’t be long before my little army of tasters dived on this new tea.

proper cup of tea Tetley know a lot about tea and they’ve used all their knowledge and their expert master blenders have carefully selected the best of Kenyan tea to bring a new treat that is a real treat as your wake up cuppa!  Apparently, what makes the tea taste so amazing is the fact that the tea leaves in the new Estate Selection are handpicked at high from tea estates in the foothills of Mount Kenya, where because they are so high up the air gives them a full, intense flavour.

Brewing up a cup of the tea on arrival and leaving it to steep in the pot there was a gorgeous aroma, slightly perfumed but really really fresh; I wasn’t sure if Daddy E would like it as he loves his tea really strong but on tasting it he remarked our refreshing and full of flavour it was.  Not at all dusty and it left your palate feeling really clean.

It’s somewhat disappointing that we’ve already finished our box of tea, but the good news is that the new Tetley Estate Selection is available in supermarkets in packs of 80 for a very reasonable £2.99.  Great to see Tetley doing a premium tea without the premium price tag and we shall definitely be buying more on the weekly shop.

Do you drink tea – for me it’s my little pick me up.  What’s your average daily consumption?

For more information on the new Tetley Estate Selection tea and the full Tetley range just visit their website.


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