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Beating the Bad Weather

I am beginning to wonder if we are re-enacting Biblical stories with the weather as it seems to have rained for 40 days and 40 nights and if I get any more water in my garden I might just have to build an ark!  So with another weekend of rain looming when Friday night rolled in I was wondering of ways we could beat the bad weather and have some fun.

A quick look online showed absolutely zilch happening locally to take Roo too and the torrential downpours meant that we couldn’t unveil her new balance bike from Paul’s Yard yet or her giant bubbles from Dr Zigs.  That’s when I thought about a good old fashioned game of bowling.  I loved bowling as a kid.  Going along to the local tenpin alley with my family and wearing the daft clown shoes and getting frustrated when my ball wobbled off down the gulleys and I failed to hit the pins and then whooping with joy when I knocked them down.

Addison playing tenpin bowlingOur local bowling is Tenpin Bowling Stafford.  I’d never been to this one but a quick search online revealed they had a website which had lots of deals online and you could book direct.  Perfect.  A few clicks later and we were booked in at 3pm and so off we set.

We found it easy enough and the car park was busy, but thankfully free to park (made a nice change).  After waiting 10 – 15 minutes to be served, they were very busy and not a lot of staff on the front desk, we were shown to our lanes and a quick bit of help to set up the computer (as Daddy E was flummoxed by it) we were off.  There were no extra charges to use the buffers to prevent our balls going off down the gulleys and they had loads of ramps available for young kids which was great as Roo isn’t quite at the swinging the ball stage.

There were loads of families in there and everyone seemed to be having a great time.  For the three of us to bowl two games it was £30 which wasn’t too bad as it had cost us more than this on a recent holiday when we’d decided to do bowling one afternoon.

Roo loved choosing the brightly coloured balls and with some help from Daddy E managed to come second in both games.  She felt grown up in the bowling shoes and loved rolling her ball down the ramp and even managed a couple of strikes with Daddy’s help.  I was the winner on both sets – does a little victory dance and we had loads of fun for the hour we played.  As a treat we had some snacks in the American diner that they have in the bowling alley.

The Beach Road Cafe serves typical American fare but it is really yummy.  I usually avoid in-house food joints like the plague but the family next to us had a delicious looking combo platter and so we tried some fries and ketchup as a treat.  The cafe is well aware that parents are becoming more savvy about their kids eating fast food and so wherever possible they make sure the food is low in fat, low in salt and additive free. tenpin-bowling-stafford

The chips took about 30 minutes and were really hot when they came out so lovely and fresh.  We sat on the big leather square chairs and tucked in.  Roo doesn’t usually do chips but, she loved these and wolfed down her portion and her Fruit Shoot juice.

Before we went home we had a quick go on the some of the old style arcade games.  We’d been to see Disney’s Wreck it Ralph a few weeks back and this arcade took me back to the days of playing Outrun 2 and Street Fighter when I used to go bowling.  Daddy E and Roo leapt onto Outrun 2 and had a quick go but didn’t get too far as Roo hasn’t quite mastered steering yet or missing brick walls – good job she’s not driving any time soon!

All in all we had a fantastic afternoon out of nearly 4 hours and Roo was absolutely knackered!  So much so she slept in the car on the way home.  I’d definitely go back again for another family bowling session and it’s good to see that Tenpin Bowling are running some brilliant February half term offers for the kids that are great value for money; 2 games of bowling and a burger meal for £6.99 is definitely a day out to ease the boredom in the week off.  You can also let the kids go for a game of pool or stalk each other in their state-of-the-art Sector 7 Laser arena.

You can find all the latest offers online on the Tenpin Bowling website as well as following them on twitter and facebook for exclusive social media deals.


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