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Team Honk & Red Nose Day #goodwork

The thing about bloggers is that we’re a pretty resourceful and determined bunch.  I know so many bloggers who do amazing charity work and use their blog as a way to raise awareness about a project or campaign, and they do it brilliantly.  I take my hat off to them.  Any sort of charity work takes dedication and commitment and so this week when I read all about Team Honk and the #goodwork campaign for Red Nose Day I was simply blown away by the sheer determination and dedication that these women have put into making this happen.

So Who are Team Honk and What is #goodwork?

Well,  this year is Comic Relief’s 25th anniversary – yes really it’s been doing amazing work for this long. And on Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th February 2013 three bloggers are heading to Accra, Ghana with Comic Relief to visit projects and see where money raised by Red Nose Day has changed lives – the good work done.  Team Honk was born and consists of Annie from Mammasaurus, Tanya from Mummy Barrow and Penny from Alexander Residence.  During their time in Ghana they are visiting four projects to see for themselves the difference Red Nose Day money has been making. They are tweeting and blogging live during their two day visit so people can follow their progress.

You can read about the projects they are visiting here and even ask for a postcard to be sent from Team Honk from one of the projects to see how they are doing.

I think it’s absolutely amazing to be involved in something like this.  I’d love to be in their position but would in reality find a million reasons not to be able to go and so I will be following their journey online

Please look out for, and share, their posts and videos, and digital postcards across the social networks. You can find Team Honk all on Twitter @aresidence @mammasaurus @mummybarrow when you tweet them use the #goodwork tag so they can tweet you back.

On a wider scale, make sure you check out Comic Relief’s social media feeds for all the news and updates around this year’s Red Nose Day: TwitterFacebookPinterest , Instagram

If you want to join in online then @Britmums are hosting a #goodwork Twitter party on Tues 5 Feb at 11am,please do join in if you can and spread the word.

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