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Tatty Teddy Interactive Toys Review

Kids love teddy bears, Roo in particular has had her cuddle buddy a giraffe since she was born. So when we were offered the chance to test and review the new Tatty Teddy Interactive Toys I was keen to see if this new breed of techno teddy could find a way into Roo’s heart and become an additional bed time companion.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the Tatty Teddy toy range well you can now have hours of endless chat and talking fun with the new range of My Blue Nose Friends which can talk to Tatty Teddy and each other.

Children can pick from popular My Blue Nose Friends including Binky the Panda, Cottonsocks the Sheep, Passion the Love Bug, Coco the Monkey, Blossom the Rabbit and Peanuts the Hamster – or choose them all to enjoy over 60 different conversations. Press their paws to hear 12 cute phrases or the tummy to hear them talk to each other.

I asked Roo to choose which one she would like and we opted for Binky the Panda – not sure why as she’s not seen many pandas before but this one out of all the cute characters available caught her eye. The age range of the toys says 5 – 8 years of age but at nearly 4 there is nothing on here that concerned me as a toy for Roo to play with and no parts detach so I think that a child who is nearly 4 can happily manage the toy. This amazing toy uses ‘smart chat’ technology which allows it to ‘chat’ with other characters from the ‘Join in and Play’ range as well as Story Time Tatty Teddy and Sleep Tight Tatty Teddy.

As soon as the box arrived Roo was really keen to find out how the Panda would talk to her. We put in the obligatory batteries (3 x AAA which are supplied yay!) and off Roo and Binky scuttled to a corner to become acquainted with each other. I could hear Binky’s cute little voice as Roo worked out that she had to press Binky’s paws for her to talk back to her, admittedly there was some disappointment that Binky didn’t seem to know the answer to whether she’d like a cup of tea and what her favourite colour was but after a quick tea party with the other teddy’s Binky had soon been welcomed into the fold.

Binky is soft, really really soft, and the plush fur is very comforting to cuddle and snuggle up with and it wasn’t long before Binky and Roo were watching a movie together under the blanket. That evening when it was time for bed, Binky had made it into the ‘sleep gang’ and was invited to join Roo for her night time sleep. However, this didn’t last long as unfortunately Binky’s nose glows in the dark and Roo is a bit funny about glowing lights in her room so unfortunately Binky had to sit on the cupboard until morning.

Next morning though Roo was up bright and early to give Binky a hug and they’ve had a few outdoor adventures together – including getting Binky in a puddle (luckily he seems to sponge wash ok) on a trip to the park.

We would give the Tatty Teddy interactive toy 4 stars out of 5, ideally you do need more than 1 to make it a really fun game of chatter but as with any child and their imagination they soon come up with games and ways to make it fun even if there is only one. The full range of Tatty Teddy toys can be purchased online. Our Tatty Teddy interactive toy was supplied by online retailer Born Gifted who sell outstanding gifts and toys for babies and children for any occasion. They have a vast range for you to choose from and many quality brands at unbeatable prices with fast, free delivery.

Binky the Panda retails at £26.99 and this includes the FREE delivery that Born Gifted offer.  The full range of Tatty Teddy interactive toys can be viewed online.

Binky’s Vital Statistics

Age Range 3 + Years (some websites say 5 – 8)
Batteries Included Yes
Battery Type LR03 1.5V (AAA)x3

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