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Tangle Teezer Round Blow Dry Hairbrush Review

Finding a good hair brush that doesn’t pull or drag through your hair whilst drying, or indeed weighs so much your arm feels like lead after can be a problem.  Thankfully though, the range of Tangle Teezer brushes are both lightweight and excellent at their intended purpose.

I first came across the Tangle Teezer brand about six years ago when my daughter’s hair was getting longer.  She has so much hair for a child and although there is a lot of it, it is incredibly fine and fly away.  She would constantly turn hair brushing into a drama and her Tangle Teezer brush was the only brush she would tolerate.

So when I was invited to try out the Tangle Teezer round blow drying hairbrush for my short hair I was only too happy to accept as my current bristle brush had left my hair with split ends and a fair bit of damage from constant pulling.

My hair is short but I really struggle to get any volume or texture in it regardless of what products or brushes I use.  I nearly always have to end up using straightening irons and this just adds to the daily battering it takes on top of continual colouring and bleaching.

The round blow drying brush makes some bold claims:-

‘Our Blow-Styling Round Tools in large and small sizes achieve a blow-style full of natural bounce and volume. They deliver a quick and gentle blow-dry thanks to the innovative teeth that pick up hair at the root for great lift. There’s no need for straightening irons or tongs, our Round Tools leave the hair with natural volume, bounce, all-over smoothness and shine.’

On unboxing the brush I was surprised at for a big brush just how light it was in my hands.  It was easy to grip and fitted well into my hand.  The handle gave good support and despite being plastic did not get slippery under a continual grip.  

The brush itself comes in two sizes; small and large.  I was sent the large version of the brush and was concerned that it would be too big to get any decent root lift.

However, on the first use I was instantly proved wrong.  Until now I had been using a small round barrel brush probably about 4″ in diameter and this required a lot of work and product to get any root lift.  This is where the Tangle Teezer brush really differed.

The first picture below shows a typical finished blow dry with my standard brush.  As you can see it ends up being more of a short bob with bounce rather than the big hair I love.

The second photo illustrates just how the clever rubber teeth on the round brush are fantastic for long last natural root lift – even on really short hair.

This style required very little work and stayed in place with my trusty Elnette hairspray all night and didn’t have the overworked and dry feeling that my usual brush gave my hair.

The rubber teeth are really clever and contrary to my assumptions that they would be awkward to work with, they tackled my hair and my daughter’s hair with ease (even when wet).  In fact with my daughter’s knot-prone fine hair, although rounded brushes can cause nightmares with tangling, I can honestly say that there has not been a single occasion where this brush has pulled at her hair and it just effortlessly flows through the teeth of the brush.

The brush is also fantastically easy to clean thanks to the rubberised end which from a hygienic point of view and removing oil and brush build up is great.

The Tangle Teezer round blow drying hairbrush retails at £17 for the small and £18 for the large and is available directly from the Tangle Teezer website.  I’ve not paid this much for a brush before, usually I spend up to £10 – £12, however this brush is worth the extra £’s.  

It was easy to use, didn’t damage my hair and gave my hair fantastic lift and bounce and has massively reduced the need to use my straighteners.  Big thumbs up.

*Disclaimer – I was gifted the brush from Tangle Teezer to give an open and honest review.  All the tea in China couldn’t alter my opinion and this is an honest and genuine review of the product.

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