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The Invisible Mummy

It’s 6pm in our house which every night means bath time, it’s part of the bed time ritual of bath, quiet time, story and asleep by 7:30pm.  However, tonight, as it has been on other nights recently things are not progressing and I might as well be talking to myself.

There’s me upstairs, running the bath, shortly followed by shouts of “Roo bath is ready, come up please.”  Nothing, no pitter patter of tiny feet, no running up the stairs as requested just stoney silence.  I wait, just a few minutes, listening to hear the sounds of Milly Molly get turned off.  Still I can hear the whiney Australian accents echoing from the lounge.

Again I repeat myself (I find as a mum I do that a lot), “Roo for the second time, bath is ready, come up please.”

Perhaps the curse of The Invisible Mummy has struck and my family can no longer see or hear me – based on my conversations with other parents, I know that this mythical creature exists and appears quite frequently at certain points of the day.

My instructions seem pretty clear.  I don’t think there is anything in my request that could be misconstrued into other instructions such as carry on sitting on your backside watching television, but I may be wrong, please tell me if I am.

The silence echoes like tumbleweed upstairs.  I begin to wonder if Roo has in fact been kidnapped by Milly Molly and taken off to Australia as clearly I am talking to myself again.  I give it a third and last attempt, this time leveraging that great parenting weapon of bribery.

“Roo, the bath is ready, if you come upstairs now you can have £1 towards your pocket money for the weekend.”

Finally I hear movement, up the stairs little feet race, faster than if they were equipped with a pair of god like wings.  Funny how even at just nearly 4 years of age money is a motivator for kids, mind you I always find that in one form or another bribery works in our house.  If it’s not being used on Roo it’s being used on Daddy E to get something that either Roo or I need.

What’s your best parenting trick for getting the kids, or dad’s to do something?

7 thoughts on “The Invisible Mummy

  1. Wow that is desperate measures isn’t it?! Mine wouldn’t respond to that either , well maybe £5! I just threaten mine and that seems to do the trick but I think with my boys video games are the worst, the whole house could be falling down and they wouldn’t notice when they are on those things!

  2. I have a fool proof way of getting hubby to do anything *wink* but i try not to over use that form of bribary!

    As for the kids, they never listen unless there is something in it for them. I try to use natural or logical rewards and consequences as i find them quite effective.


  3. My children are a bit younger so i still use a distraction technique “Lily/James, have you seen where the cat is in our garden, come and see from the the bedroom window” to lure them upstairs, followed by “Would you like ducks or boats in your bath? lets start taking clothes off then…”

    I am taking notes for the future thou… 😀
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  4. Brilliant! See my Facebook status and you will see I can relate to that though I sadly haven’t nailed it when it comes to motivating them … Will try the money one xxx

  5. This happens on a regular basis in our house at bed/bath time too! Although somehow – through no planning of my own – I can get my kids to do most things by counting. I’ll ask once, I’ll ask again and then I’ll start counting … in a very sinister voice coupled with the clapping of my hands as each number ‘strikes’ … God knows what they think would happen if I actually reached “10” but I can pretty much guarantee that by “5” they are scampering up the stairs! I’m not going to question how it works … am just going with it for now!!

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