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Medical Cosmetics Nottingham – Botox Injections Review

Its been a while since I have posted but things have been really busy with school holidays, a break away in Italy and then the launch of my homes & interiors store Finally though I have a few spare minutes before the school run to tell you about my recent visit to Medical Cosmetics Nottingham where I was invited to view their clinic and check out their range of aesthetic treatments.

The clinic is located in Nottingham and is very smart and sleek.  With a wide range of treatments on offer including botox, fillers, chemical skin peels and microdermabrasion the clinic is headed up by Dr. Asher Siddiqi and a team of professional clinical staff.  I had been considering botox for a while (I am 38 this year and had noticed a few fine lines appearing and a constant deep furrow between my brows), and had investigated a few clinics but hadn’t decided on anywhere and had in fact avoided clinics where the injections were not done by trained clinical professionals.

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I’m evolving….

time to make a change and grow

I’ve been doing lots of contemplating over the last few weeks.  Contemplating change and where the blog is going.  Over the last year it’s definitely become less parenting focussed and more about me, my lifestyle, the things I love. There has been less parenting drama and it has become increasingly apparent to me that I don’t want to be in the nice market that is ‘mummy bloggers’.  Not that there’s anything wrong with mummy bloggers, it is after all where I started six years ago and what the blog was originally intended to be.  But as bloggers we grow.  Our creativity shifts and as we get older our style changes and so does our outlook on what we write.

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