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Highs and lows and a new identity


Wow, what a day.  Seriously its 11pm at night and it’s just been a 3 hour bedtime comforting session with my girl as she got herself into a right state over what to a grown up seem silly nonsensical things, but in reality to her are things that really really matter. To say I feel like downing the glass of red wine to the side of my desk would be an understatement; wine really is a mother’s ruin and her consolation at the same time.

The day had started off so well; after a lovely weekend getting some extra time with the new man in my life, an exhilarating gym session and a scrumptious Chinese I woke up today ready to take on the world.  I woke feeling renewed and made the decision whilst sitting in the hairdressers reading the latest issue of Cosmopolitan magazine to change my blog and give it an overhaul.  Gone would be the mummy blogger that I had become synonymous with and out would come the new blog written about the things I love; welcome to the eclectic world of What Lottie Loves.

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