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The 3 Most Common Claims for Travel Insurance

Addy and I have had several big long haul holidays since my divorce and this has meant making sure that I have adequate travel insurance for both of us.  Previously we got travel insurance with our bank as part of our joint account but without this it meant shopping around for the best and most comprehensive cover.

This has been particularly tricky for our big two week holiday this year as we are heading off to Cuba for two weeks and all the travel companies advise you to have a higher level of travel insurance, particularly for medical cover.  Eventually we settled on the gold level of cover with Insure & Go and an annual policy worldwide for the two of us costs just £50 which is excellent value.

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Family Travel Insurance

family travel insurance

What on earth is happening with the weather today after getting seriously drenched on the school run this morning I now read we are in for the worst winter in 100 years…. great eh! The joys of living in Britain and battling with our ever changing and petulant weather systems.  Thankfully though this winter I will not have to worry about finding my scarf and hat and a warm coat as I will be sunning myself on the sun drenched beaches of sunny California as Miss Roo and I are jetting off to LA on Boxing day to visit family.

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Holiday packing…why it’s all about the checklist

packing tips for holidays - guest blog postWhen most people think of the word holiday, they conjure up visions of picturesque, windswept beaches, hour-upon-interrupted hour of ‘me’ time, and the kind of whimsical adventures that you would only dare to undertake once you’re away from British shores.

Ask any parent what first springs to mind when they put the words family and holiday into the same sentence and the answer is invariably likely to be something along the lines of…well…organised chaos.


Is not that our little ones don’t love their time splashing about in the sea, and building sandcastles that are unlikely to last the best part of a day, it’s just that away from a familiar environment all sense of routine can go out of the window. Cue tears, tantrums and a frazzled set of parents.

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