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The LEGO Movie – An ‘Awesome’ Choice for Kids

Now before I start I have to say that this was not my movie of choice and I struggled to even follow the plot on this one.  I began to wonder if I was on some sort of hallucinagenic drug at one point as the plot seemed so incredibly bizarre I couldn’t possibly be sober! That said Addi adores this move, she adores everything about it and especially the theme song.  So if you are looking for a fun, family movie that the kids will love and if you’re a LEGO fan you’ll love too then this talked about movie of the summer is a must have addition to your movie collection.

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It was my birthday Friday and amongst all the lovely card and presents I received I also got a lovely email from the outreach team at saying I had been chosen to review one of their jewellery pieces.

If you’ve not heard of it’s a free website that helps you find the best deals and prices on every day high street goods and monitors the price drops for you so you don’t miss a bargain.  In a world where money is getting tighter and we all seek for ways for it to go further and pick up items at great prices and the makes it really easy to do just that.

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