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Spread the cost of the school holidays with Nectar Summer Picks

Sometimes the first week of the summer holidays can feel like the scariest in any parent’s diary.  This year I am finding this out as I juggle work, the six weeks holiday and attempting to find reasonably priced childcare and days out that won’t leave me bankrupt!  We’ve so far been really lucky with the weather and managed some time out with friends at the park, donkey rides and have used our shopping points in exchange for a day out at one of the big theme parks (which made it a lot cheaper!).

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Top Tips for Family Holidays in the Sun

family holidays in the sunThere are lots of great posts about what to pack when travelling abroad with children. But what happens when you actually get to your chosen destination and you have to keep the kids safe and entertained for a week or two? Spending time in a new environment is always exciting for children, but it can also be a testing time for parents. Here are a few top tips that may help when holidaying in the sun:

  • The thing that can cause more problems than anything else on holiday is the sun. So first of all make sure you’re all protected with the appropriate sun creams. You can even buy SPF swimwear and clothing now for added protection. Make sure the children don’t get all hot and bothered by having regular breaks in the shade, even if that means going back to your room for 10 minutes throughout the day. Sun hats and sunglasses are essential, while spending a lot of time in the pool or the sea is the best way to keep cool.
  • Wet wipes are probably one of the best inventions of all time – particularly useful when spending time on the beach as sand can get everywhere! If you or the kids have an ice cream or something, a quick wipe down means your hands aren’t covered in sand before eating.


  • Although your routine may be a little different to your routine back home, it’s best to try and establish one on holiday. So try to wake up at a similar time every morning, make sure you have some breakfast and let the kids know that you’re going to be by the pool or on the beach during the day. Going to bed at a set time every night is also important.
  • Not many children like walking long distances. Not only will they get tired but they’ll probably find it pretty boring too. So a sightseeing city break is not recommended for young children. If you do want to get out of your resort for a day, take a bus or taxi there but have regularly breaks throughout the day. The promise of an ice cream or a small souvenir every so often is a great way to take their minds off all the walking.
  • Remember that your summer holiday is not all about the kids – you deserve some time to relax too. If you’re staying in a hotel, a good tip is to ask for a room with a terrace (or a balcony if travelling with older children) so you can sit outside when the children are asleep. Buy a bottle of wine and enjoy some time to yourselves while the kids are sleeping.

Great deals on family holidays can be found at Purple Travel. Let me know if you have any tips on how to enjoy a fun holiday with the whole family.

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Getting Through the School Summer Holidays

surviving the school summer holidaysIt’s nearly the end of the school summer holidays and let’s face it there will be a mix of emotions come the first week of September as some of us wave our kids off for the first time and some of us rejoice at having a little peace and quiet and being able to get household chores done.  That said the school summer holidays are a magical time, for parents where they can to spend time with their kids playing games, getting creative and having lots of fun.

Thankfully in my first proper stint as ‘working mum juggling holiday care’ the weather has been kind to Roo and I.  We’ve been able to get outside and play some fabulous outdoor games such as bubble blowing, scavenger hunts, chalking on the new patio (sorry Daddy) and building our own mini sand pit for all our Schleich animals to adventure in.

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Family Help for Childcare in the Summer Holidays

childcare in the summer holidaysOver half of parents rely on family and friends for childcare help in the summer holidays.

With the summer holidays comes the all-too-familiar battle of keeping the kids busy and preventing the outcry of “Mum, I’m bored!”  If this wasn’t a job in itself, for those of us trying to juggle work with sorting out childcare, it’s notoriously difficult to find time to cram everything in.

In a perfect world we’d take time off to play with them – but when that’s not possible, where do the kids go?

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Summer Fun & Games with Wilko

I love love love this amazing heatwave that we are having, it’s how summer time used to be when we were kids and it really is a perfect time to get outside with the kids (making sure you have water, sunscreen, hats and limit time outdoors to about 20 minutes and at the cooler time of the day) for some games.

So when we received a selection of outdoor summer toys from Wilko to review the weather couldn’t have come at a better time.  We were sent the cricket bat set, boom bat set, bubble blowing set, catch ’em out game, mini gardening tools and a stunt kite.  Roo loves playing out doors and we waited to give her these goodies until we went on holiday last week to Wales as we’d have lots more space for her to enjoy them.

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