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Birth is easy….parenting is fucking hard

Let’s for a minute dispel the myth of perfect parenting.

Parenting bloggers to many seem to have a knack of catching and recording angelic parenting moments and we spend hours posting beautifully staged photos to Instagram and social media.  It can be very misleading.

The reality is giving birth to your child is easy, for the majority of us it goes smoothly.  The hard work truly starts afterwards when we begin parenting.

There are no manuals. There are proclaimed ‘parenting guides’ that give you well meaning advice psychological babble, but the start reality is PARENTING IS FUCKING HARD.

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Managing Tempers


Sounds simple advice doesn’t it? But in reality parenting on a daily basis causes mums and dads across the world to hold their hands up in exasperation.  On some days it’s easy to feel like you’re sinking in quicksand and no matter what you say to your child it seems to go in one ear and out the other.

My temper is short and Roo and I clash.  We always have.  Even when I was married there used to be times when I would despair at how I was supposed to control my temper whilst disciplining my child.  Saturday morning was a morning of exasperation and door slamming.  Roo was tired after her exertions at Legoland and began throwing a tantrum because I’d told her that a pirate costume she wanted was out of stock.  It’s easy to forget that she is only five and a half sometimes as a barrage of hurtful words rolled out of her mouth.  From things such as “I don’t want you as my mum” to “you’re stupid and know nothing and that’s why daddy doesn’t want you” whilst they may be words that have no context in her world they are still words that hurt.

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Thought For The Day

A little new thing for the blog a thought for the day.  This may be parenting related or it may just be something that I’ve seen that has struck a chord with me.  Today I was searching for quotes about what it’s like to be a parent and I found this.

To me this sums of parenting perfectly your children are so so precious and never let them go to bed without knowing or feeling that.

treasure your children

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Five Things You Didn’t Know Before You Became a Parent

becoming a parentHaving a baby is a shock to the system. Despite planning to become a parent and preparing for your child’s imminent arrival, the actual birth of your baby is such a bombshell that it might just as well have been a bolt out of the blue.

Suggesting that children create change would be something of an understatement. Parenthood is a steep and continual learning curve and with the benefit of hindsight, you can reflect sagely on your previous lack of awareness and blissful ignorance.

To help prospective parents, here are just a few of the things you didn’t know before you became a parent.

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Dealing With Disappointment

uk mummy bloggerToday was not a good day, I knew it wouldn’t be.  After a hideous nights sleep plagued with menopausal sweats and hot flushes I tossed and turned until 5am.  I knew I wouldn’t sleep – this morning was D-Day for school admissions.  We’d already been warned on Friday that the school was ‘over subscribed’.  As a parent these are not the words you want to hear when for the last 12 months your child has made friends, formed a routine and settled in at a school.  Rightly or wrongly you assume that once they’re in school they are in there for the duration unless something happens like moving house.  This is no longer the case since the local education authority (LEA) took control over school admissions.

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