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My Obsession with Nashville Continues

Garth Brooks country musicOne thing I’ve not done a lot of since getting divorced is watch television.  Having had Sky TV there was always something to watch and I love my series such as Grey’s Anatomy, The Walking Dead, Arrow etc, however with Freeview you just don’t get as much choice and watching terrestrial television is like sticking pins in my eyes.

In the last few weeks I’ve watched more episodes of Grand Designs, Location Location and Restoration Man that is healthy.  With no broadband either thanks to a total cock up by BT I cannot indulge my love of Blink Box as much as I’d like to or use 4OD my other staple for catching up.  Thankfully though this week the lovely people at Three mobile topped up my mobile mi-fi dongle and what was the first thing I did…run straight to 4OD to catch up on the amazing hit TV show that I fell in love with last year, Nashville.

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