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Woohoo!  Finally we have a moving date and already the daunting task of packing up the rental house is stressing me out and sending my mother into organisational over drive.  It also means that it is time to de-clutter!

Seriously, I have way too much stuff and actually don’t know how I have crammed it into our little two bedroom house.  I actually feel a small amount of pity for the removal firm that are going to have to take all the stuff from here into the new house, and I think they will certainly earn their money that day.

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Creating ‘my bedroom’

Still the house move continues….the days seem to be drifting past like tumbleweed.  I am like a kid at Christmas ‘is it time yet?’, ‘can I move in yet?’ It really is true – when you want something to happen quickly it never does and so I continue to wait…and wait.

There are two problems with waiting;

a) I am not good at it – never have been, never will be.  

b) Waiting means I spend money…quite a bit of it lately buying new limestone tiles for the bathroom, a new freezer, a new tumble dryer and quite a bit more!

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The maze of getting a new mortgage

Dear Santa

This year I have to admit I have a rather large request on my Christmas list.  I am not sure if it’s something you can help with but if there is any Christmas magic left then it would certainly make my Christmas.  Could you find someone to buy my house…..

That’s a pretty big ask even for the big guy in red who is renowned for making dreams come true, but well after a year of my old marital home being on the market we head into Christmas with it still for sale.  Once it sells there will begin the whole house hunting and mortgage maze and with recent changes to lending and mortgage guidelines it has become increasingly difficult to find a lender who would be willing to bridge the gap and help me find what will technically be ‘my’ first house on the property ladder.

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Top tips for moving house

Having moved house three times now in the last six months I can testify just how stressful moving house it.  From finding a removal company that doesn’t require you to sell kidneys to afford their services through to the pain of finding enough boxes for all those important possessions it takes a lot of planning and organisation to make sure that come moving day everything comes together and the stress levels remain on an even keel.

If there’s one thing I could say from all my house moves in recent months is that where possible get as many bodies on the ground to help as possible.  Whilst it might seem tempting to try and manage it all yourself having friends and family on hand to help amuse the kids, make tea, keep the removal men on the toes takes some of the stress away from you and means you can concentrate on making sure valuables get packed up securely and not left behind.

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Don’t Move, Improve Your Home Instead

Daddy E and I had contemplated moving about 18 months ago and had tried to sell our house for about 8 months.  The market has been pretty stagnant around us and none of the properties in our price bracket of £230 – £250k were moving so we eventually took it off the market.  Fast forward to this year and again the subject of moving has come up, however we then watched the recent Sarah Beeny programme on Channel 4 where she convinced people they could double the size of their current house for half the money of moving to their dream property and this got us thinking.  Could we improve our home rather than move and actually end up with the living space we wanted.

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