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Give a girl the right shoes…

I am a firm believer in that give a girl the right pair of heels and she can accomplish anything.  There is something uplifting about wearing a pair of shoes you love, we all have our favourite pair in the wardrobe, and the moment you slip them on they make you smile, they give you that ‘feel good feeling’.

red soled high heels

I had been searching for a new pair of black heels for going out.  I already have a pair of stunning Dune zip up heels but they were expensive and I don’t like to wear them every time I go out as they are something special.  So last week as I was going out for dinner with J to meet some friends I popped into town to see if I could find something on the high street.  To say the offerings were drab would be an understatement, lots of drab styles that I wouldn’t spent £10 on let alone the £40 or £50 being asked, it seems that this autumn there will be a lot of cloned feet tramping the cobbles as there was absolutely nothing of any stand out note to pick.

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