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Birthday Presents for Summer Babies

Birthdays are an exciting time for everyone, but especially for your little one. It’s a day on which they are praised simply for existing – who isn’t excited about that? However, it can be difficult to choose presents for your child without spoiling them, especially if there are grandparents or extended family members who want to get involved too. One important consideration to remember is that presents will be used straight away – so for a summer birthday, here are some gift ideas to get your child outside and active, making the most of the sun.

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Personalise Your Child’s Birthday

We all know that when you throw a birthday party for your little ones, or when you give them a card or a gift and unwrapping is involved – the last thing they do is look at the paper and they barely glance at the card, if not just to see if there are any treasures inside. What if the paper had their name on it and the card had their picture on it?!

Well they might still not look at it but what the hey, it’s the only fun you get as parents- thinking up ingenious ways (which the kids never notice) to make their birthday a bit more special!  So what varieties are on offer when it comes to personalised children’s wrapping paper and cards?

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