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The Perfect Holiday Dress

Joules dressesAnyone else bored of the really grotty, miserable weather?  I certainly am and have spent the last few weeks day dreaming of the holiday I’ve got booked to Sorrento and Capri in May, long days of gorgeous sunshine, walks across the piazza of a late afternoon and that dilemma us girls always have of just what on earth we should pack in our suitcases.

It doesn’t seem to matter how many holidays I go on I ALWAYS over pack. There’s that pair of trousers you never wear, that skirt that remains in the bottom of the case and those dresses that look great but are terribly impractical in hot weather.  Literally when I go away I live in lightweight cotton dresses, often with bright bold prints on and I am a huge fan of jersey maxi dresses as they travel so well (in other words you can screw them up in the suitcase and they still look awesome at the other end).

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